I never planned to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom); it just kind of happened that way…


When I got pregnant with Jac (our first child), I worked in customer service for a bank. I had a college degree, and figured myself quite capable of many jobs. We were leaving the area after her birth (she was due August 24th and my husband’s report date to his new unit was September 1st), and I had put in my two weeks. I worked until the last week of my pregnancy…before all hell broke loose.

After, an almost, two week stay in the NICU, we made the move from Georgia to New York. By the time Jac and I arrived to be with Joe, it was the middle of October. I had been cleared for regular activities, and so I began looking on line for a new job.

Holding our tiny baby minutes before we left our home in Savannah in 2008 just three weeks after she was born. (Joe actually stayed behind a few weeks more to iron out extra details before we met him in New York.)


I applied for a number of positions I thought I was qualified for…with no call for an interview. Nothing. At. All. It hit me hard because I really wanted to help my family financially. What I didn’t realize at that time is that I needed to be a  SAHM. God needed me to be home with my daughter who needed me very much. When therapy started, I can’t imagine going to work and missing out on that…seeing how they were working with her and what they were working on. I also can’t imagine asking off for work constantly to be able to take her to appointments or run errands for paperwork or blood work.

My husband and I talked about it, and we figured that if I DID have a job, I’d be spending my earnings on day care, gas, and wear-and-tear on the vehicle…not really making it worth the effort of having someone else take care of our child.


So looking back, it was a blessing that God didn’t allow me to get a job outside the home. At the time, I didn’t see it. I was frustrated that I was qualified for jobs that wouldn’t even give me a chance…But now I know I did what I needed to so that Jac could have the best start to life possible. Now, three kids later, I realize that while I never planned to be a SAHM…

it’s what I was meant to be.

Jac and Joseph just love their baby brother.
I don’t know why Uriah wasn’t happy…but he wasn’t.



Until next time…


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