How To Workout With Kids In The Room

Mamas Make It Happen

Mamas know how to get things done. We keep kids, and husbands, and pets living well…but are we living well? We have to take care of ourselves or we’ll fizzle out quickly. It’s not easy to workout with kids, but when it’s your only option, you make it happen. When I started working out five years ago, I had two kids aged almost three and the other just a few weeks old. I chose my program and every day I’d do it: P90X. Usually Joseph would sit in his bouncer on the floor and Jacqueline was either napping or playing with a baby or watching me workout, and it typically happened between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. I got into a really good groove and routine of working out consistently and got into the best shape of my life.

Workouts With Kids Can Be Annoying

There! I said it! Kids can be annoying. I’m not some sort of amazing Mary Poppins mama who goes around all day long with a smile on her face. Nope. The kids start talking to me while I work out. I tell them to be quiet and let me do my thing. No questions. They’ll be alright.

Now my workouts happen early in the morning…Like around 6 after I’ve had some coffee and energize (they say not to take energize with coffee…don’t be like me. But I’m ok.) Sometimes my kids get up…Really? While I’m trying to workout and get it done!? Yep. It happens. They ask questions. They ask for things…and you know what? I tell them they have to wait. Mommy is busy. They live. I’m not a mean mama, but kids need to learn they’re not the center of the universe. I finish my workouts, and then I feed them and can go about the rest of me day. This is what happened the other Saturday when I was trying to workout with all three up in the middle of the morning.

That’s About It

Sorry to burst your bubble…I just make it happen. I choose to do it early, and I can tell you it totally sets the tone for my day. (Maybe I should share my basic daily schedule with you some time?…More blogs to come.) You can always try to get the kids in on the action. Sometimes mine do, and sometimes they don’t. I almost always offer, but they know mama is going to workout. The only other thing I can say is if it weren’t for Beachbody I probably wouldn’t be active at all. My husband, because of his schedule is not home so going to the gym is not an option. This is how I make it happen. It’s really the best. Want to find out more? Make me your coach, and let’s do this!

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