I think we’re being SOLD (literally sold) a lie as to what life is supposed to be like. Self help gurus are making billions of dollars annually off people who want to be “happier”, richer, more marketable, more popular…and the list goes on. You have a “problem”? There’s most likely a book there to help you “fix” it. All this when the number one best seller of all time is The Bible and has been ready for us to read for hundreds of years.

There’s nothing wrong with vacations, nice cars, large and beautifully decorated homes, or looking flawless, but can we stop making it seem as if this is the norm? Because it really isn’t. People spend $11 billion a year on books, CDs, and coaching…all to make their lives better; focusing on dream boards with bigger and better everything than what they currently have.


It all started with me when I joined an Multi Level Marketing company. (I’ll be writing another blog on this type of business model in the very near future. But it would be too much to share here.) It was my first experience with one, and one of the things recommended was personal development daily. So I started reading.

I read things that were suggested to me since I wasn’t very familiar with personal development. I didn’t really get in to it, but was told that not every book would be for me and that I just needed to find a book that was more my style. Over the years, I’ve found a few that I enjoyed and found encouraging and helpful. The truth is not one of them has given me a bigger house, nicer car, a more flawless appearance or any of the things the people who wrote this books embody.


You are enough. Just the way you are! You are who God created you to be. You have to find what you love and are passionate about in life and do it! Books that help you figure out scheduling or priorities are one thing. But to sit there and read the same thing over-and-over…no wonder I wasn’t ever able to get into some of those books.

While I’ve listed a few I have found inspiring or helpful, the truth is you can’t completely change your life with these self help books. And there’s a lot of garbage out there.

I was particularly inspired to write this when I saw a post my cousin shared about a fairly new book that describes just the kind of garbage I’m talking about. “You’re worthy!”…”Awesome!”…”Special!” “YOU deserve more!” Guess where you can find this? The Bible.๐Ÿ˜‚ And your worth comes from God…not an author of a book who we won’t remember a decade from now. (Or someone who presents a watered down, pseudo Christianity.)

You ARE all those thing listed above, and while I do think women DO need to take care of themselves, do we need to do it in such a self-centered way often presented by these authors? I don’t personally think so. (I’ll talk more about this on my blog talking specifically about MLMs.)

My goal is to, one day very soon, finish writing the book I started all about my faith and how it increased with the birth of our daughter and how God used that horrible situation for good. It will be a book meant to inspire. I can’t tell you what “right” looks like, but I can share my faith and how God worked during a very dark time in my life. It won’t be self help, but I hope it will inspire and encourage.๐Ÿ’œ

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