Becoming a Mother Made Me Who I Am Today

Motherhood is beautiful…

Few things have shaped me in life as much as becoming a mother. It was after my first child was born that I was truly able to understand God’s love for me. (The fact that he would send His only Son to take the place for my sins…it became completely humbling. I wouldn’t sacrifice my children for anyone or anything!)


But becoming a mother has also allowed me to revisit my own childhood. I had a great childhood. My parents are the best parents ever! They taught me so much. They did shelter me a bit more than most…and that was a shock to my system when I married a Ranger.😂 But my childhood is what I describe as “enchanted”. Life was good. It was simple…and I want that life for my children as well.

Pinterest Moms😬

In the age of Pinterest (which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with), I feel like we have gotten to the point we have to create some type of childhood for our kids rather than just letting them live on out.


I remember preparing for Jac’s first birthday party. (I don’t even know if Pinterest was around then because I only recently made an account.😂). What I decided before that was that I wanted my kids to remember the love that went in to preparing the food and how good it tasted and “Mama made the best ‘insert food here'”…I didn’t care if they remembered how perfect everything was. And I’m definitely not perfect.

You Are More Than Enough

In the age of women telling other women they’re not good enough, I want to tell you that you are enough! (They don’t come right out and say you’re not good enough. They write books telling you how you can be better and share photos of their “perfect” life and even their “messy” photos look amazing.) I’m not saying self-help books can’t be helpful or they’re all bad. I’m just telling you that YOU are good enough and you can’t compare yourself or your family to others.

If I can give my children the sweet childhood memories that I had and they look back on their lives and thank God that He gave them to us, then I’ve done my job. I thank God regularly for giving me the parents He did.

So as you’re going through life wondering if you’re enough…if you’re doing it right…

You are. Motherhood is beautiful. Embrace it.

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