happy thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I love the coming together of family and friends and eating wonderful food. I love the love and care that prepares the food. And I really love the seasonal dishes. We don’t eat these foods all year. Of course, Thanksgiving has changed over the years for us.

My husband and I have been together (and almost married) for 15 years. Thanksgiving used to be with our respective families at our family homes…or grandparents’ homes in my case. But over the years, we’ve done it different ways. There was one year I went to spend it with his family and he was in training in South Carolina so he went to North Carolina to be with my parents. The years we are together though, my parents have tried to come to our house to celebrate with us. Some years Joe has been here, and some years he hasn’t. This year he’ll be here. So I’m thankful for that.


When we used to celebrate when I was much younger, we would often invite local friends to spend the holiday with us when family was far away for them. Today is no different. Now we have neighbors and friends who come to celebrate. I love that we can share time and food with people we love so much.


As a military family, we have to create our own traditions. It’s hard when you move, or dear friends move, or you can’t be near your family, so I try to keep things traditional with foods. Nothing brings back back childhood memories for me than the smell of traditional Southern Thanksgiving sides: dressing (not stuff and made with biscuits and cornbread), collards (made like Grandma), and candied yams (also Grandma’s recipe). I make these things so that I can remember. I will never forget how special Thanksgiving and Christmas at my Grandma’s house felt, and I hope my children have the same special memories of “mama”.


I truly have so much to be thankful for. Here are a few:

-a relationship with Christ

-a home to call our own (I do not take it for granted.)

-food (and good food at that)

-three special blessings in my life that bring laughter and joy (and sometimes frustration lol)

-a good provider who is also brave (doing what more than 99% of the nation will not)

-a wonderful church home and pastor

-a healthy body that can move and do basically what it wants (within reason 😛 )

-a mama and daddy who love me

-in-laws who love me too

-a bestie I can talk to whenever I want (even though we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we’d like)

-fantastic neighbors

-living in a beautiful, historic city, and near the water

-having access to the care our children who have some special needs need

-being able to train Jiu Jitsu with some amazingly talented and patient people

-the ability to homeschool my children

-being able to take my daughter to a special concert that wouldn’t have happened without her amazing grant agency…

And honestly, I could go on for a while, but you get the idea. I try to be grateful and thankful for even what seems like the smallest blessing.


Reflect this year on even the smallest blessing and be thankful. If you’re reading this, you have a device that allows you to…be thankful. 🙂 Make sure you sign up for my emails so you don’t miss out on the blogs.

Until next time…


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