Summer Spritzer

Summer Spritzer Recipe

It’s almost summer, but I can tell you it’s already warming up here in Savannah, GA. Yesterday I went to the commissary to pick up a few things, and as I walked in, I saw some of my favorite carbonated water drinks by Dasani called Dasani Sparkling in my favorite flavor (so far) Tropical Pineapple. While we were there and the kids were running around as if they’ve never been in public, we got to the refrigerated section and they asked for orange juice. It’s not something I typically buy because I’m not big on the kids (or the adults) drinking juice, but it’s summer and it’s one carton. I got home and got an idea.

Yumminess Discovered

I looked at the drinks as I put them in the fridge and thought, “I wonder what this would taste like with a splash of OJ?” So I did it. I went outside and took this pretty pic and showed it to my husband who said I should share it with you all…so you can thank him for this tasty treat! Since I needed to measure so I could give them to you, I made one for my husband who actually liked it!! Amazing because he’s not one for “healthy” thing…he’s warmed up over the years since that’s generally what I make these days. More on that later. So after measuring it comes out to about 37 calories. You could obviously use less orange juice, but I thought this had the perfect balance.


1/3 cup of orange juice (Use 100% juice, no added sugar.)

8-10 ounces Dasani Sparkling Water (or other sparkling water of your choice, no sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavors.)

Add ice and ENJOY!!

-You should all know by now, if you’ve followed me on any of my social media accounts, I keep thinks super simple. This busy mama doesn’t have time to fuss. I keep it simple and healthy, and while juice isn’t necessary and I don’t recommend it generally, I will say it’s a great treat!

Let me know if you try it and what you think. I’d love to hear from you.♥

Stay tuned for more delicious summer recipes. XO And if you’re not feeling summer ready still, check out my Countdown to Summer.

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