The first four days of Summer have officially passed. I’m writing this through blurry eyes because I spent a good amount of my afternoon napping. Apparently, I was in need of some sleep. While most of my blogs are informational and motivational, this is just sort of a catch up on what’s been going on, and to share my normal “mom” life with you all. 🙂 So let’s start with Friday…

Friday was the kid’s last day of school. Of course leading up to that was super hectic: everything in the world coming home from school, field trips, teacher appreciation, award ceremonies…Y’all, I can’t imagine what it’s like for the teachers! All this while trying to plan a little birthday party for my almost seven year old. Friday came and I was ready. I was shocked I actually had things in place to do it. Joseph had a great time swimming at the pool with a couple of his friends and his siblings.

Swimming with brother and sister.
minecraft cake
Here’s my attempt at his Minecraft cake. He requested it.

Saturday changed things…


My parents were in town to help celebrate, and I was planning on going to Jiu-Jitsu like normal. I ended up getting up super early on Saturday and realized the Royal Wedding was on, so I went ahead and got up to watch. (Just needed to see the dress. 🙂 )

My mom was going to go with me, and then we were going to head out to the outlets since it’s right across the street from where I take classes. I finished up around 9:30 a.m. and we headed to the store, and Joe called…He needed me to go pick up Jac from ballet (which he normally does) because Joseph had fallen off the monkey bars at a park and hurt himself. A couple hours later we learned he fractured his elbow. Trying to make him feel better, my mom asked him what he wanted for dinner. He replied that he wanted steak and asparagus. (This is weird as he normally won’t touch asparagus, but we obliged.) The boy got his steak and asparagus that night.

fractured elbow
I’m not sure why Joe was smiling…he said Joseph was saying funny things. Poor kid. Waiting on the doc.
getting his x-ray
Being brave while they get x-rays.
fractured elbow in a sling
He’s happy with some pain meds and a popsicle.


Sunday proved to be no less busy. I had to prepare a breakfast dish for our Sunday School class, so I got up early again to make sure that was taken care of. We got to church and then I kept nursery. (My usual Sunday is the first of the month. It’s been switched so I got a double whammy of cooking and being mentally prepared to take care of two year olds.) They were extra “fighty” this particular Sunday for some reason which also resulted in Uriah getting a bite to the arm. lol The rest of the day was spent spending the kids’ Target gift cards they’d won in Sunday School and laundry (which actually got done 100%!!). So it was a good day.


Monday was spent with Joe getting a follow up from his ankle surgery. (That happened last Tuesday and added to the craziness of the end of the year for sure.) I took the kids and went to Volvo for an oil change, and spent the time there trying to get an appointment and referral for Joseph to see an orthopedic doctor to put a permanent cast on his arm. And of course, we can’t forget Monday therapy for Jac! 🙂


That appointment ended up happening today (Tuesday) so Joe took the kids while I went to Jiu-Jitsu and teaching my Core de Force class…only to find out we can’t see the doctor the hospital recommended, but we have to see the military doctor an hour away…early in the morning. So this must be why I came home and took a really nice long nap. Joe got Joseph’s birthday present from his grandparents up in his room (a t.v.) and the kids have been occupied in there most of the afternoon. (This is good since it’s rained most of the day.)


So this is our beginning to Summer. The pictures aren’t beautiful and edited. It’s just our life. I hope we have lots of wonderful things to share between now and school starting. That’s the plan. 🙂 I’m looking forward to less structured days and running around. Here’s to the start of Summer and the adventures that await.

Till next time…


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