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Do you find your water boring and difficult to drink? I personally don’t. I love water…the colder the better. Mmmmm…ice! lol I guess that’s the Southerner in me. Ice in your drink is the BEST! But really I love the taste of water: plain…in an actual glass or steel vessel. But not-too-long-ago I asked my followers about what they’d like to see and one of the things was water add ins to make the water a little less boring. So here I am to deliver that.


So like I said, I enjoy plain old water, and it wasn’t really until two Summers ago that we went on our Strong Bonds Retreat, and stayed at The Sonesta…You guys…it was amazing!! But I remember, in particular, the water with reception. They had one or two “flavors” on hand. And I couldn’t get enough. They had a citrus blend and another that had strawberries (and something else), I believe cucumbers. They would switch it up daily. So when my friend asked me to come up with some add ins, I tried to think of something a little different.


rapsberry, citrus water

This was delicious, and really, there is no recipe. I lightly “smushed” some raspberries and cut up a manderin orange and lime. I added cold water and ice. THAT’S IT!!! Seriously! And really, the calories are negligible. It’s delicious, and adds JUST enough flavor to make your water a little less boring. My kids also enjoyed this, and it takes less than two minutes to make. It doesn’t need to soak a long time, thought the longer it sits, the more it is infused.


If you follow me on social media (if you don’t, you should) then you know I’m OBSESSED with watermelon. (Like I can eat one in one day by myself!) It’s my favorite fruit in the world (followed by a peach). That would be a great addition to water…

water melon in waterYou could also add cantaloup, honeydew, and mint! Yum!! Really, just think about the yummy fruits you love, and know if you use berries just squish them a little (by hand) before putting them in the container you’ll use for your water.


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