I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s time again…SELF-DEFENSE!

I don’t really think you can talk too much about this subject this day-and-age. Instead of being scared, be vigilant and prepared.

I’ll never forget my first ever women’s self defense class. It was in June 2017, and the day I found out my daddy had cancer.

It was an awful and emotional day, and I really didn’t want to go out on a Friday night. I would have rather been at home getting ready for our usual pizza and movie and feeling sorry for myself and my mama and daddy…but it seemed really important to my husband. So I went.

I was angry and frustrated, and hitting the pads (and then the guys) really helped me get out the days’ frustration.


So after the class I was pretty excited to share what I’d done. I’m pretty transparent on social media. I share my life openly hoping it might help others. I remember sharing the videos on my fitness page, and while most of the feed back was positive…I had this one jerk of a guy who decided to criticize my fighting techniques (though he didn’t understand Krav Maga or hammer fists) and said that I should train some form of martial arts. (Which he wasn’t wrong about that. My beef with him was the way he made fun of me on my own page…So I blocked him!) Here are the videos I shared.



Well, jerk…I do now. 🙂 Even though the training I do is mostly on the ground, I know a lot more about fighting now almost two years later. Taking that first women’s self defense class is what made me want to start training. It got me excited about something I’d never even tried before. I also plan to start training Krav Maga soon as well. Sorry to disappoint jerk guy again, but it’s mostly elbows, knees, and groin strikes.🤷‍♀️ Not a whole lot of punches. (Though it is good to know how to throw a good one…and you definitely will do it in the class.) And personally, I’d love to see him throw a punch in a fight…and most likely break his hand.😂


I got another chance to do another women’s self defense class through Pooler Karate this past weekend. Here’s what we did…

(This should take you to my Facebook and just click on the link to see the video. Make sure you give my page a “like” while you’re there too. 🙂

I will continue to train, learn, push, and fight. I encourage all women to train, but if nothing else, take a class in self defense. Learn how to give yourself a chance if you’re ever a target of an attack.


Training has become a serious passion. While I’m a little sad that it took over 30 years for me to find this, it’s my happy place. It’s my outlet…and it’s something I actually get to do for me. Anyone can workout, but when you find something that pushes you to be better in the way that BJJ does, makes you think about things differently, and really makes you reflect how you move and even changes your way of thinking…ah, I just can’t really put it into words.

I highly recommend something physical that pushes your body’s limits as well as challenges your brain. Read more about how I found BJJ. Also, if you’re just not sure if that could be for you and you know you need to move more but need the comfort of working out with other women, I invite you to check out my class beginning in May at Pooler Karate. Find your tribe and love them. PK is where it’s at for me. It feels like family. If you’re in the Pooler and surrounding areas, come check me out. 🙂

Until next time….


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