Most of my life I’ve been a blonde. When I finally got hair, it was light blonde. It wasn’t until about ninth or tenth grade I started putting blonde highlights in my hair. The older I’ve gotten, the darker my hair has gotten. (And since my early twenties I’ve been gaining grey hairs yearly…they’re pretty heavy these days.)

Anyway, I’ve dyed my hair a color other than blonde three times: I went brown thinking I was getting closer to my natural color but I’m a weird ash color. So roots didn’t look great growing out AND I just didn’t love the color. So back to blonde I went each time…the blonder, the better.


I’ve been seeing James (Jamie) Whitfield since 2006 (I think). I kept it basic…blonde! One time after about a year of going to him I showed him a picture of Giselle Bundchen. It was a darker blonde with some red-ish shades in it. It wasn’t overly red. If it caught the light just right, you’d be able to see it. I only kept it for a month before going back. I loved the color, but I just felt like blonde was my thing. After moving to New York, I tried having someone do that color again…unsuccessfully. I went blond again the very next time, and I tried to find someone who I loved as much as Jamie. I came close during my time in Roanoke Rapids. In fact, as far as blonde goes, she’s your girl. (If you need someone near Roanoke Rapids, NC Lauren Williams at the Renaissance is it!!) But back in May I decided I needed to try something bolder and just totally different. I brought him a pictured of red hair…dark, rich, red hair.

I went from this…

To this…

Don’t get me wrong. I love blonde, but I really feel like he knocked this color out of the park. So much so that I’ve decided to keep this color. That’s saying something.


I’ve known for some time that Jamie has a thing for red hair. He loves it! He’d talked to me in the past about going red, but I was always too timid. Not this time. I asked him what it was about red that he loved so much. He told me that not every woman can wear red, and it takes a certain attitude. He also loves how much you can do with red. There are so many combinations and he loves playing with them because their are more shades and dimensions with red. (I have to say, I do feel a little more bold with my red hair.) I get it’s not everybody’s cup-of-tea, but I’m loving it.


If you live near Savannah and are looking for a new stylist, I can’t recommend Jamie highly enough. He does a great a job! He was one of the many things I looked forward to once we moved back to Savannah. You can schedule an appointment with him through Schedulicity. I have the app and it makes it so easy to schedule your appointment.

Drop by and see him at his studio for a free consult.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you decide to go and see Jamie! Hope this encourages someone to try something new!

until next time…

P.S. We’ve been doing the family vacation thing and also been making some big decisions lately which I’ll share with you all soon. 💕

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