If you’ve followed the blog or my Facebook page for any length of time, you would know I’m a busy mama! But guess what…busy mamas need a break.

I’m horrible at taking time to pause and “take off”, but with the Summer we’ve had so far it 100% needed to happen.

With my bronchitis still causing me to cough up my lung, I decided to stay home from church yesterday. (I also took “off” Saturday.) I haven’t done BJJ in over a week, and while I miss it my body has definitely needed the downtime. The coughing is awful: often times struggling to get in a breath…and coughing so hard I’ve actually peed my pants. (My mama friends can totally relate, and while it’s not usually an issue for me, this coughing is no joke. I think I grew new abs because of it.😂)

So Sunday: we woke up late, ate when we wanted to, watched The Goldbergs (Joseph’s favorite show ever), read a book, took a bath and told the kids unless there was an emergency they’d better not come in my bedroom, and sat on the porch in a rocking chair enjoying the rain and thunder. It was glorious. Sad my husband missed it being out of town on business, but I shared the video of the therapeutic rain falling all around.

Sometimes it’s good to just breath and be. How often do we take real time to just “be”? I can tell you I don’t remember the last time. So even with kids home, do something you all enjoy as a family and then send them off to play by themselves away from you so you process things alone without kids talking to you. They’ll be okay. 😛

While I don’t recommend skipping church, with sickness, I thought it appropriate to do so yesterday and just regroup.

Life is hard and stressful, but if we can just take a few minutes or a day to put things away and focus on just being, I think we’d all be a little less stressed.

Here’s to regrouping, healing, and moving forward with a brand new week.