“Real Women”


I’m Angry

Usually I really think about what I’m going to write before I sit down to write, but today as I type this, I’m kind of furious. I began reading an article titled, “Real Women Have Back Fat”. I saw the link, I clicked on it and began reading. Okay, people, ladies in general; can we PLEASE stop saying “real women” have “xyz”? I see the memes all the time, “real women have boobs”, “real women have butts”, “real women have curves”…Seriously? Real women? And the part that’s the saddest is that people really do believe it or they try to make themselves believe it to feel better about being overweight or about their particular body type whatever it may be.



It’s Personal

I gained weight, particularly in my second pregnancy, and lost it when I committed myself to lose the weight and get in shape. I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror. Nothing looked good on me, and I didn’t feel attractive to my husband. Even after the weight loss, I still have some body issues. I have extra skin on my stomach. It may not be as much as you but it’s more than others and it’s something that I don’t like about myself. Boobs? Seriously? What boobs after nursing 3 kids and losing a ton of weight. I have hideous stretch marks on my belly (from the last week of my pregnancy with my 9.7lb son. Thanks, Son.), on my butt (looks like a cat took it’s claws and scratched), my hips, and inner thighs. I hate them! Do people generally see them? Well, no, but I know they’re there and I hate looking at them. Are they as bad as your stretch marks? Maybe not, but they’re worse than other ladies. (And then there are those women who don’t get them. Genetically perfect folks I like to call them.) But you know what, even those people who don’t get stretch marks or gain tons of weight have SOMETHING they don’t like about themselves physically. Can we please just stop trying to put people in to categories?

Take Care Of Your Body

If you’re overweight and have big beautiful curves, but you take care of your body through proper nutrition and exercise, then that’s okay. If you’re underweight and have no curves and you take care of your body through proper nutrition and exercise, then that’s okay. For the most part though, if you live a balanced life in which you take in good, wholesome food in the right amount for your body and you exercise then you most likely will be some sort of balance of the two and come out in between. Also, if you have diabetes, cholesterol issues, and blood pressure issues yet you do nothing about it, then that’s NOT good. Yes, genes can play a role in this, but don’t write off good old fashioned exercise and good food. I know how it feels not to take care of myself, and I know how it feels to do the right things for my body. Few people actually know about proper nutrition and exercise. They see the words, “low fat”, “diet”, “no sugar” and think those things equal weight loss and good health. Chances are, if it has a label, you probably don’t need to be putting it in your body…Especially with labels like that. (But that’s another story for another day.)

I will do everything in my power to make sure my family and I are as healthy as possible, and all while being a real woman who, when not pregnant, doesn’t have a whole lot of curves anymore. Want to learn more about being healthy? Check out my other blogsĀ here!


Real Woman!

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