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The Beachbody system is built around a series of programs. Honestly, it can be a bit intimidating to get started with Beachbody because you might not know which program is the right fit for you!

The good news is that every Beachbody program has been created by experts in fitness, with an eye for getting great results. No matter what your goals are, there’s a Beachbody program to fit your needs.

While you might not know which Beachbody program you need, I can guarantee that I can help you find one that will work for you. Contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody revolutionized the fitness industry with its at home training programs on DVD. Now they’ve innovated again with Beachbody on Demand. This is an INCREDIBLE way for you to have access to Beachbody’s elibrary of programs. You to try out everything. You can stream programs from almost any device, including right from your phone, so that you can work out anywhere. If you’ve got an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or a gaming device like an Xbox, download the Beachbody on Demand app and get fit!

Not only do you get workout programs, you also get cooking shows to help you create those healthy meals. There’s even programming to keep you on target and ready to keep going.

Beachbody on demand

Beachbody Programs

There are SO many amazing Beachbody programs! If you’ve never tried this system before, here are a few of my recommendations. These are workouts that I do regularly. Mostly I know that they work because they work for me!

There is no Beachbody program that won’t help you to progress towards your fitness goals. These are only a few of my favorites. As always, if you feel lost or unsure about where you should begin, please just reach out to me!

Join Team Sua Sponte for great guidance about which Beachbody program will fit your life and help you to get the results you’re looking for.

Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme


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Core de Force

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21-Day Fix

beachbody 21 day fix