Pizza and Movie Night

How Did Pizza and Movie Night Start?

Pizza and movie night is by far our favorite night of the week. As a military family, there is very little that is consistent from day-to-day, and while military wives do their very best to keep the lives of their children and husband semi-normal and on a schedule. Despite this, it’s nearly impossible to continue traditions you once had with your extended family  because most of us don’t live anywhere near them. So what do we do? We create our own!! During our tour at West Point I made friends with this amazing woman who made EVERYTHING from scratch! I tried to learn from her because I was always in awe of:  1. what an amazing cook she was 2. how talented she was in so many trades. She invited me over one Friday night for pizza where we each made our own pizzas, and I thought it was such a great idea!

It’s not like I have my own cooking channel. No need to look glamorous.
He takes his pizza seriously!

Fast Forward a Few Years

So it wasn’t until we left West Point and moved into my grandma’s house that I started doing this. I remembered Amy (my friend) making the pizzas on a Friday (I think we carved jack-o-lanters that night) and thought, “Why can’t we start doing that every Friday?” So we did. At the time, Joe was coming home every Friday from South Carolina. So this is what we would do…prepare for pizza and movie night.

Getting Ready

I start with the dough which I always make in our bread machine. Throw everything in there and the machine does the rest. The best recipe I’ve found so far is this one here.  I typically make it before I go to pick up the kids from school. It’s ready by the time we are done with our afternoon activities, and there isn’t a whole lot for me to think about. Once I get home, I send the kids off to take baths while I get things ready. I prepare the sauce (I do not put the paprika in) which is super simple, cut the veggies, and prepare the rest of the ingredients. I’ve gotten to the point that I no longer follow the recipes because I have it memorized. These are great ones, and I highly recommend them.

The canned products I use.


These are some of our favorite toppings:

  • pepperonis
  • olives
  • peppers
  • onions
  • pineapple
  • sun dried tomatoes

Each person chooses his or her own favorites.

Three little pizzas ready to be topped.

The Finished Product

Not only do we get delicious, homemade, individualized pizzas, we get an experience that makes memories. I’m usually yelling at the kids to get out of the kitchen and stop “picking” at the ingredients before we top the pizzas. (They drive me crazy!) I use the same measuring cups and spoons and containers that my grandma used and there’s always that memory of her when I use them every Friday. There’s also the decision of choosing a movie, and we’ve even recently come up with the new tradition of each child get’s to choose and order the movie of his or her choice on or around their respective birthdays.

We will keep up this wonderful family tradition as long as the kids will have it, but I hope they cherish the memories just as much as Joe and I do.

Do you have any special family traditions? I’d love to hear about them. Be sure to share in the comments. <3 

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  1. Awh I love this!!! I like the individual pizzas, we might have to try that!

  2. It works out perfectly with the dough. First I half it and then each kid gets a quarter of that. I take the left over quarter and add it to one of the other half’s to make Joe’s pizza. Everybody is happy with what they get. I know I’ll probably have to double the recipe soon because of growing kids, but it’s too easy!! 🙂

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