My ode to Savannah:

I’ve shared my struggles with the school system in Savannah, but I want to be really clear…I LOVE SAVANNAH.


Oh, Savannah. How I missed you when we left. I hear a lot of people talk about how much they hate it here…especially people who are stationed here, but I don’t hate it at all. I didn’t even really realize how much I loved it here until we left. Savannah was my first home away from home. Sure, I left “home”, the place I grew up in North Carolina and went away to college, but it wasn’t until we made a home here and had to leave it that I realized just how precious it was to me.

We left Savannah, GA for West Point, NY in September 2008. With a new baby with special needs and a new home, I really fought a deep depression and it wasn’t until we came back for a visit early in 2009 that I realized Savannah was the place I loved.

Not too long ago I was discussing with some friends my love of the area, and I was asked what I loved so much about it…so I’ll share with you all.


-The history.

-The weather. (Except for the middle of summer where I simply endure because I know more pleasant weather is coming.)

-The spanish moss. (It’s beautiful.)

-The marsh.

-The smell of the marsh. (Fresh salty, marsh air makes my heart sing.)

-Proximity to the beach. (Three awesome beaches from 1 to 1 1/2 hours from our house.)

-The architecture.

-The food.

-The culture. (While completely southern, there are so many restaurants that represent a number of different cultures. I love experiencing other cultures through their food.)

-The people. (Yeah, there are some crummy people, but overall people here are pretty awesome.)

-The proximity to two military installations allowing me to constantly see giant jets and helicopters fly above…allowing me to hear the beautiful sounds of freedom.



-We have SCAD. (Though many of the SCAD students are “artistic” and a little odd, I appreciate the beauty they bring to the city.)

-Summer storms.

-The incredible sunrises and sunsets.

I feel like I could go on forever with a list of things I love, but I must also share more person reasons I love Savannah and why it feels like home.

An incredible Savannah sunset.
Beautiful beaches nearby.
A beautiful Summer storm rolling in to a different beach not too far away.

Ellie December Box
Amazing historic stairs. They’re steep…but don’t ever touch the railing!


-I welcomed my husband (boyfriend at the time) home from a deployment..the first one I ever welcomed anyone home and the first time he ever had anyone waiting for him when he arrived on American soil.

-We got married here.  (Thanks to the elopement king Reverend Steve Shulte. Love him.)

-I had my first real “adult” job here.

-I graduated college here.

-Our first home was purchased here.

-We welcomed our first child into the world here.

-We joined a church and had our first church family as a couple here, and made dear friends all over the city.

-When we moved back here it felt like coming home.


I know it’s not for everyone. I’ve known plenty of military spouses who hated it here. But if you’ve never been to Savannah, I encourage you to come visit this amazing little city and take in the beauty, history, and of course the incredible food!

I’ll have to compile a list of my favorite places to eat in a future blog…There are so many places to share. I look forward to the future here, learning more about the history, and eating more of the food. In case you’re not aware, I love food. I hope you enjoyed my little ode to savannah and know just how much I love it. 🙂


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