I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, but since it’s the first of the year and everyone will be talking about it, I figured I’d try to take advantage of SEO and hope someone lands on my page.🤪

Why don’t I like resolutions set at the beginning? Well, most people fall off the resolution wagon pretty quickly: according the The Business Insider, 80% fail at their resolutions by the second week in February. I’ve definitely set off to create resolutions for myself in years past, but when I decided to lose weight and get in shape almost eight years ago, I did it in the middle of the year. That has been my mindset since then…You don’t need a new year to start off on a new foot. You can literally start at any time, any day, and week and be successful. It’s all in your mind!


Often times, people find themselves setting huge goals they’d like to achieve over the next 12 months. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (goals are great…the bigger the better), sometimes you just need to make small changes. Those small changes add up. Changing everything over night can be hard, and we often don’t stick with it, but when you start with something small and stick with it…it just becomes second nature.


Bad habits are hard to break, and good habits are hard to form. Our human brains tend to dislike change. We want to change, but it’s also very uncomfortable. What do we do? Again, small changes add up! For example, if you drink four sodas a day, maybe try just cutting one or two out. You still get your soda (for now), but it doesn’t hurt as bad as going “cold turkey”. Need to drink more water? Start your day out with a tall glass. Have it ready on your bed stand and drink it before you move on to anything else. Need to workout? Start by taking the stairs or parking further from the building you’re headed into. You can do this!


I love the idea of making big goals, but often in order to reach those big goals, we have to set smaller goals. Why do we do this? Because you’re more likely to be successful. Need to lose 40 lbs (like I did)? Set your first goal of 5 lbs…make sure you celebrate when you reach it! Then on to the next 5 lbs and so on…this is how you’re successful. I promise this works. And it’s not an all-or-nothing approach. You can be successful with an off day.  You just have to be sure not to turn it into an off week or off month…And even if that happens (because you’re human and it’s probably going to happen), you just pick up from where you left off. It’s not a competition…other than with yourself.


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I’ve dedicated the last seven years of my life to helping other moms feel and look their best. I’ve studied and put myself through courses to make sure I can deliver you the very best! I focus on habits to help transform your mind and body. Moms, why are we so quick to pay for lessons for our kids (that may or may not be used in the future)? Why are we so quick to drop money on something for them that might not ever pan out? Why do we have trouble spending money on ourselves for things that will drastically improve the quality of our lives? Make this your year. It’s not selfish to take care of your body. It’s not selfish to invest money and resources and time to you, because if you make small changes to better your life, it will automatically translate into the lives of your spouse and children.

If you’re interested in saying “yes” to your health and well being in 2019, read more about what I offer and set up a FREE consultation. You’re under no obligation to train with me, but if you do, I promise I will support you in every way possible.

Make this your year!

Happy New Year, Friends!


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