New England roast beef is a real thing, and you need to try it…TODAY!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a North Carolina girl born and raised, and this southern girl married a northern boy from New Hampshire. (That would be New Hampsh-ah for those of you who know the dialect. 🙂 Anyway, I don’t think I need to tell you, there are some serious differences between the North and South…particularly in food. Normally, I would say that the South wins the food battle, but in the case of roast beef the North wins all day! I’m not kidding!


So I used to tell my husband that Arby’s was good. “Oh, they have great roast beef!” Not only did he look at me like I was crazy, but he would tell me that there was no way it would beat out a New England roast beef. So the first time I ever tried one was on my first visit to New Hampshire in January of 2004. There was no turning back. I was hooked! (I fantasized about it.)


So my favorite place up there (or at least one of my favorites) is Giovani’s. Sooooo good. We found out they use a special barbecue sauce. Once I found that out, I was able to replicate it almost to a “T”. So I’m here to share this amazing-ness with you today. I’ll go ahead and say it….”You’re welcome.”

It’s pretty simple. I like to do this on Sunday’s after church. My husband loves it. It’s easy for me, aaannd he’s happy? It’s a win in this house.

First of all, you need this sauce…

There is no substitute. Do not try! This is it. You must use it! So when I found it on Amazon, I was soooooo excited. Yes, I bought  four pack, and it’s worth it. It’ll last you a while.

Then you need rare roast beef. I’ve tried cooking a roast, but seriously, the easiest thing to do is get a rare cut at the deli. We get two pounds (for 5 people) thinly sliced.

Joe likes Land o’Lakes White American cheese. I prefer no cheese.

Onion rolls are how we like it, but you can get regular. I butter them and place them under the broiler until the butter is melted and the bread is toasty!  I place the cheese on Joe’s bread, and put it back under for a minute or two to let it melt.

Then you’re ready to assemble!

It’s really that easy. You put on as much as you like. We load ours up on roast beef, onion, and sauce. (You’d order a “super beef with onion and sauce, or onion, sauce and cheese”. Ordering a “super beef” ensures that it’s on an onion roll. I’ll never forget how nervous I used to get ordering a roast beef (or really anything) at a Northern restaurant as a Southerner.)

When we visit Giovani’s we get fries and chicken tenders with sweet and sour sauce. It’ just what we do. But at home on Sundays I usually serve it with Cape Cod chips (my husbands favorite) or baked french fries. Yum!

I highly recommend trying these at home. It makes for a really easy meal. I know it’s not what you expect to see on a health and fitness blog, but I don’t like looking at food as healthy and unhealthy. Food is food, and I think it can be enjoyed on certain occasions.

Till next time, friends…


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