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Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s look at it.

I personally have never been on a particular diet. I don’t count calories; never have, and have been able to lose 40 lbs of fat and keep it off the last six years…if you don’t count the pregnancy in there too. The truth is, diets DO work. Right now, Keto is super popular at the moment, but it’s definitely NOT new and isn’t necessarily right for everyone. It was developed years ago to help those who had seizures control them better. People lose weight on it. It works. Low carb is also particularly popular at the moment. It works. People start losing tons of weight very quickly on it (water weight) and they feel so encouraged…but what happens when you lose the weight and “end” your diet? The scale creeps up again.


So we’ve addressed the fact that diets DO work, but when you stop doing the diet the weight comes back. Why? Because you were never educated on proper nutrition and portion size. You didn’t learn healthy habits. You just learned a diet. If you’re tired of seeing your weight go up and down significantly, then you have to do something different.


Not only does education benefit you, but as mamas, it benefits our entire family. Healthy eating and living isn’t just for us, it should help our families be as healthy as possible. We pass on our knowledge to our children so we don’t pass down the same bad eating habits we developed. This is not to say we (and our children) can never enjoy a donut or ice cream, but truly you become what you eat. We have to end the obesity epidemic in our country…and it starts with us! 🙂


What if you could learn? Really learn about food and how it works and work on habits trying to learn new and healthy ones…What if you never had to diet again and you could just enjoy life and your family and pass along this information to the next generation? If you care about your health and the health of your family, then this is worth looking in to. There is so much information out there that is contradictory and even dangerous. Learn from me and an industry leader in nutrition education. You can contact me for more info, or check out my Facebook page for information that will be posted soon…or fill out an application for training/nutrition coaching. Just click the picture below.

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I personally wanted to learn as much as I could about the body and nutrition after I lost weight to help myself, but realized that I can help lots of women educated themselves and help them lose weight and feel comfortable in the bodies God gave them. (It’s not all about “looks”. Losing weight helps take pressure off joints as well as makes it easier to do every-day tasks.

Go sign up for my email and get a copy of my e-book for free. It’s all about organization and prioritizing. Something I know I struggled with for a long time. I summarized the things I learned there. Happy reading! Until next time…


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