Tuesday I shared with you all why I love Savannah so much. There was a lot to list! My best friend in the whole world texted me and said she loved the blog, but I’d left her out…and she was sad. My response was, “We had a lot of firsts in Savannah. I could write a whole blog on our friendship alone.” So here’s to my best friend in the whole world.


And it’s true! We go way back. Now I know some people have best friends that go back to childhood, but there was no way we could have met as kids because she grew in Lee’s Summit, MO and I grew up in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

Had it not been that the men we fell in love with been fearless and wanting to put their lives on the line for our country, we may never have met. In fact, my husband had to basically force me to contact her.


I met Denise for the first time ever in September of 2005 shortly after she and her husband married. They came over to our house for the men to discuss things and I got a chance to sit down and talk with Denise. What I remember from our first encounter: I thought she was one of the prettiest ladies I’d ever met…and she was little. (Which is why I lovingly refer to her as Little Denise or LD.) The interaction was fairly short and she was heading back to MO since the guys were heading back overseas soon.


It wasn’t until January 2006 that we would see each other again. My husband was still overseas and started “bugging” me to call “Clarke’s wife” because she was coming to town (before they got back because he was heading to Ranger School) and didn’t know anyone. Full disclosure: it’s not that I didn’t want to talk to her. I’d thought she was really nice, but I didn’t know her and I’m an introvert (and used to be way worse than now) and I just couldn’t do it. But finally I did with enough harassment from my husband.


I picked her up from the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport on a cold Sunday and we headed back into town. I offered for her to stay in our house, but she (being an introvert also) wasn’t so sure about that. We went by her husband’s apartment (which he shared with another Ranger) to find their was no electricity. She didn’t have much choice. She had to stay.


So we went to the Food Lion on White Bluff and picked up all the ingredients for vegetable soup and her contribution….puppy chow. (Id never had it before, but I became a fan afterward!)

We spent the next couple of days pretty much going everywhere together and hanging out. It was the start of a forever friendship.

We were pretty much inseparable after that. We even worked at the same bank at the same branch. When the guys left (which was often) we were together.


One of my favorite (and funniest) memories was a Friday night after work. She was going to come over for pizza and coke (our fav!) and the power went out minutes before she came over. So I had to laugh candles…we both laughed when she mentioned how “romantic” I’d made it for her.😂

Denise has been there for me through everything and I’m sure it’s safe to say there’s not anything she doesn’t know about me.


After her husband ended his military career, they moved to Indiana. I really felt lost without her. She left at the beginning of my pregnancy with Jacqueline. But guess who was the first person there (my parents were already there)…Denise. As soon as she found out my water had broken she booked her plane ticket. She arrived the next morning. After visiting Jac at the NICU in Savannah she came to Winn Army to be with me.

She helped me walk around. She helped me go to the bathroom…and she helped me hook my breast pump up. (Thinking about all this is making me tear up which isn’t good because I’m writing this in public.) And she, not my husband, was the one who drove me to see Jac once I was discharged.


She has seen me at my highest high, and she’s seen me at my lowest low. And she’s been there supporting me all along. She’s more than a best friend…she’s like a sister.

Now I don’t have any biological siblings, but I’d say God sent her to be my sister from another mister for a good reason. I love her dearly and I’m so grateful for her friendship and love.

I could literally write a book on our friendship alone: how she surprised me not once but twice when we lived in NY. (Both are really funny stories) or how I got to surprise her once when she didn’t think it was possible for me to come for a visit.


So to my BFF, sister from another mister, and bestie…I love you and all the adventures we’ve shared over the years. I can’t wait for more. Indiana is too far away!

Next month we will have known each other for 14 years…but it feels like a lot longer.