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Momming is hard, y’all!  I’ve actually never felt more suited for anything in my life than being a mom. I know lots of moms out there question everything they’re doing, but there’s very little I question. Honestly, it’s probably because I started out with a BANG! Our first child was born with brain damage and has special needs as a result. I suffered horrible depression after her birth and honestly, I was just thrilled she was alive! Along came baby #2, and I figured, how hard could a “normal” kid be? lol You’re laughing, right? Kids are hard! They try our patients literally every day…maybe even every minute, but this is the cycle of life. Why does it seem so much harder now?


Yep! I said it. Social media…I remember looking at my Facebook feed in 2008 (shortly after I joined) seeing women in their post partum pictures. Right after a “normal” birth. Then I’d see them do these beautiful, Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. I mean, really, who can do this? And I questioned, am I doing this right? Clean houses (at least in the pictures), flat stomaches, doing it all, feeding their families gourmet meals, giggling and soaking up every moment…throwing beautiful Pinterest parties…I was failing.

But I wasn’t. What I’ve realized over the last few years, especially as I’ve had to hone my own social media to not look like a complete failing mess is that we all struggle, and we’d all be a whole lot happier if we’d just enjoy our own kids and how we do things.


I personally love tradition and making memories. I’m not super patient with my kids, waiting on them hand-and-foot, and finding fun things to do when they’re home from school. It seems like now-a-days we feel the need to keep our kids entertained and occupied 24/7….I like to take a node from 1980-90s parenting when we just played with other kids or made them entertain themselves. Just because little Tommy doesn’t have your undivided attention every second of the day does NOT mean you’re failing. Actually, you’re winning because you’re teaching him that he’s not the center of the universe and other people exist. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from moms about not working out is time and kids. I’m not going to let a newborn cry for 30 minutes while I get in a workout, but you’d better believe if my almost three year old gets up and needs something, unless it’s urgent, his butt’s waiting! (FYI-A 30 minute workout is only 2% of your day and so on…)


Focus on our own awesomeness! We are all good at something. It’s taken me a while to figure out what I’m good at…finding my strengths. Check here to find yours. But to go beyond that, I’m really good at cooking. See? Two out of three kids say so… and they didn’t cheat off each others papers.

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Love

🙂 See? cooking! They both say so. I hope they always think I’m the best. lol But seriously, I do my best…Some days it doesn’t feel like it, but we’re human and can’t possibly be 100% every day. That’s when we have to rely on God to fill in the rest for us, and He always does.


Stop worrying so much, and really, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. When we were little, all our parents had to compare was at the PTA meeting or when we’d come home with stories from a friend’s house…now we have it in our face every time we open up our social media. Just remember, everything you see is not reality. I try to be real with everyone while still trying to be somewhat appealing…lol Seriously!

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