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Last week I wrote about how I lost the weight after babies, but making it happen can be difficult. This week I’m here to talk about more of the details.
Sometimes as moms, we get overwhelmed and we have this idea that things have to be perfect and we have to execute plans a certain way. Let me share why this can make things difficult.


As moms, we have a lot going on. We are always feeding, changing, cleaning, scheduling, driving…and the list goes on. “Finding time” to go to the gym can be problematic. That’s why I did everything at home. I got workout DVDs that had workout plans with them and just started.
At some point I realized I COULD make things happen. I think it was after the first program and I’d lost 14 lbs that I thought, “I can actually do this!”

So what do you need to be successful? I think it helps to have a program, but if you can’t afford a personal trainer or DVDs, there are so many free workouts online now, there are no excuses. (Go ahead and follow me there so you’ll be ready when they start uploading.) My plan is to begin uploading my class workouts that you can get in from home…or wherever you want…for free!


I also recommend investing in a variety of weights and bands. You can do so much with just a little bit of equipment.
Some people like a yoga mat, but I’ve done just fine without any type of mat. (I had a free one, but my dog peed on it…so I threw it out.)

Anyway, the point is, you can make anything happen. You don’t need a fancy gym membership or someone to watch your kids. (We definitely didn’t have child care in the budget.) And while it’s nice to be out in public and a reason to go to the gym, I hope your will to reach your goals is enough to get out and get moving.


Benefits of working out consistently:


-more energy

-better sleep

-better body image

-weight loss

-ability to keep up with your kids and a hectic schedule better

-ability to appreciate your body and all it can do


These are just a few. There are a ton more reasons why you must need to get up and get moving.

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Being self motivated can be hard. It’s hard because the only person you’re answering to is you…but when you start reaching goals (which can take a little bit of time) you start getting even more motivated. Trust me.
Don’t give up on yourself or your goals.

If you have to stop to take care of kids, that’s okay. I worked out all different times of the day: early morning, when the kids were sleeping, when they weren’t sleeping….whatever I could do. And if you have a stroller, walk! Push those heavy things around. Everyone gets fresh air. Whatever you do, don’t stop. You can do it…if I can do it, I believe anyone can.
Until next time.


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