coffee without a coffee maker

So normally I wouldn’t have to share how to make coffee without a coffee maker, but this week my oh-so-helpful three-year-old threw his plate in the sink and smashed my coffee carafe.😱😫

As a mom, coffee is life! I basically drink a whole pot a day. Not something I’m proud of, but hey, it get’s me through the morning. It’s warm, comforting, and gives me tons of energy…obviously. Looking at the shattered pot, made me panic a little.

I almost cried. Since it was late in the evening and my husband wasn’t home to watch the kids, I had to come up with a quick plan.

I googled how to make coffee without a coffee pot and figured I should at least give it a try. Basic steps:

-boil water

-add coffee grounds

-boil for two minutes

-turn off burner and remove from heat

-let rest and coffee grounds settle

-ladle coffee into a mug

-fix coffee the way you normally would

Here’s what I found out: be careful adding the coffee to the boiling water. *It will boil over!* So don’t just dump it…like I did.

Coffee made this way isn’t bad, but having a coffee maker definitely makes things easier.

Let’s face it moms need coffee, and when I looked for a replacement carafe It cost more than just a new coffee maker. So I ended up buy a $25 Target special. I like it because it’s light and a little smaller than our last one…and it was only $25!! So wins all around.

Lesson learned: DO NOT leave your coffee carafe in the sink! Lol

Until next time…


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