Cozy With November Ellie

Cozy With November Ellie

Get comfy and cozy with November Ellie. Do you enjoy Fall? I know you’re not supposed to have a favorite “kid”, but out of all my Ellie boxes, this is by far my FAVORITE!! So this outfit fits the bill for so many activities. Lounge wear? Check! Workout wear? Check! Super cute around-the-town outfit? Check! Going out for a hot date? mmmmm…check! If it’s on your sofa watching Netflix which would totally be acceptable in my book and count as a hot date. 🙂

What You Get For November…

You still have the five piece (three pieces of clothing and two pieces of equipment for $49.95) or three piece option (three pieces of clothing only for $39.95). This months pieces of clothing are AH-MAY-ZING! The leggings were so soft and adorable. I loved the detail on the bottom of the pant.

Leggings November Ellie Box
Legging detail

They are perfect for working out, but I love them for every day, everything use.

The top is great because it keeps your arms warm, but there’s ventilation in the back. Need a little extra warmth? Just throw on the incredibly soft shawl that is included with this months box. Did I mention is so soft? Like a baby blanket, but better because you won’t look weird curled up with this or walking around.

The two pieces of equipment this month are perfect for massaging away your aches and pains after a great workout!

Thoughts On The November Box

When I opened the box, I was excited. I worked out the morning after it arrived wearing the leggings and a bra that was included in my first ever Ellie Box. (The full and matching outfits are great, but I’ve found that so many of their pieces are interchangeable.) The leggings were so soft and amazing that I washed them while I showered and dried my hair so I could wear them the rest of the day. Such a versatile outfit, and I love that about it. I took it from my couch to traveling around the beautiful City of Savannah. Not only is it comfy, but it super cute! The extra piece wasn’t needed for walking around Savannah. (It’s still hot here, but sometimes it gets chilly with the AC on. 😉 Make your favorite pot of soup or chili and go “chill” in this comfy combo.

Perfect to lounge around in and have some coffee.
Or enjoy reading a book…
Sight seeing on a beautiful square in downtown Savnanah, GA.
Pushing the baby around downtown Savannah, GA.
The mesh back. Super comfy!

Bottom Line

You want November’s Box from Ellie Activewear? If you like function and comfort, you will not be disappointed. You can use my discount code to get 15% off your first box…this includes the month of November. Now head on over to Ellie and get your first box. Make sure you use my discount code KELLEYELLIE15 (make sure you don’t miss the -ey at the end of Kelley) for your discount. <3


-When you sign up, you can get 15% off your first box.

-You can skip any month if you’re not feeling the outfit.

-You have to choices: just an outfit, or an outfit with two pieces of equipment!

Now go get yours and let me know what you think!:) I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and see if you l-o-v-e it as much as I do.

P.S. Thanks for my girl Kiabeth Giese for taking the pictures for this blog.

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