I haven’t kept it a secret: for the last two years I suffered from depression and anxiety. I’ve been through it before, so I knew the symptoms. After more than a year, I decided to seek help through a medical professional. Unfortunately, when I asked for an appointment with behavioral health, when they called to make my appointment, because I couldn’t make it within their window I was told that I would have to go BACK to the doctor and ask for another referral. When I asked why I was told it was because they had to make the appointments within a certain number of days once they called the patients because “you know mental health reasons”.


Wait a minute. Now I have to go through more hoops to deal with something that’s already sucking the life out of me? I just couldn’t. I could barely keep up with the demands of my family. How could I make time for appointments for myself?

Two things happened there: 1. She was lying and was just being too lazy to do what she needed to do on her end to accommodate my schedule. 2. The system is completely broken for military and their dependents. Sadly, either one of these things could be true.


So what did I do? I continued to endure. It was a job. I prayed fervently that God would just take it away. Every minute of every day was excruciating. I was in constant mental torment and wondered why it wouldn’t let up.


Finally, after my daughter had a major seizure that a friend reached out to me and asked if I’d ever considered CBD oil for her. Since I’d discussed this with her doctor and it wasn’t something that I thought we should try just yet, I told her so. But then I remembered hearing CBD oil is used to treat depression and anxiety.

Of course I had lots of questions. The first thing that came to mind when I heard CBD is marijuana…but this isn’t the case. I ended up ordering the non-THC oil and decided if it didn’t work, no big deal. If it did help, then it was worth anything I had to pay. (I’ve always been scared to take prescription drugs for depression because of all the side effects.) As soon as it arrived I took the recommended dose. Within one day my symptoms disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. I kept waiting for the negative thoughts and overwhelming feeling of impending doom to return, but it didn’t! (Even my family noticed a difference in my personality. I was “me” again.)


So I started analyzing things and trying to figure out where things went wrong. I had been trying to pin point when exactly I slipped into the depression and it had happened at a very vulnerable time when my daddy started his cancer treatments and I stopped caring about how I took care of my body with nutrition. Maybe nutrition was the key?

I did some research on nutrition deficiencies and the link to depression. At the time, I’d stopped drinking a nutritional shake I’d been drinking for years prior to that. So I decided to drink it again. I stopped taking the CBD oil and focused on nutrition. It’s been over a month since beginning to watch my nutrition more carefully again and I’m back to my old self. And it feels incredible. My mind is working the way it’s supposed to and I have energy again.


I share all this with you to let you know if you’re battling depression, there is hope. I know some people believe you can pray your way out of depression and anxiety. I’m not saying those people are wrong, but when there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and body, it needs to be addressed in some way. There are also those people who say, “You are what you believe. Think positively.  Just choose to be happy.” And honestly, when there’s a chemical imbalance, those things still aren’t true. You can think all the things you want, but it won’t fix the underlying issue.

I did hesitate to share these things with you because I did fear judgement on some level, but if it helps one person not feel like their world is ending, then it’s worth it. I’ll share the link for my friend if you want to try the CBD oil. Please know you can ask we questions and she’ll truly do all she can to help you. (I make nothing if you buy from her. I just wanted to make sure everyone is clear on that. It’s just something that helped me.) As far as what I’ve done with nutrition, I don’t want to put links on here. If you want to know, please contact me directly. I would make a small commission on it, but didn’t want to put it out there as a selling type post.


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