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  2. the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

As I began considering what to write about for this week’s blog, God laid it upon my heart to write about abortion in light of the passing of late term abortions.

This isn’t really a subject I feel like tackling and is a hard one because it feels so personal. The thought of writing this quite frankly makes me sick to my stomach and brings tears to my eyes.


Last week, the New York State senate passed and Governor Cuomo signed into law The Reproductive Health Act allowing doctors to perform abortions up until the birth of the baby. (Notice I called the baby a baby and not a fetus. While fetus is the scientific name for the baby while in utero, I think referring to the baby as a fetus makes it much too easy to de-humanize it.)

When I learned of the passing of this disgusting law, it made me cringe and nauseous to think that a mother could ever choose to end the life of her unborn child. My head has been spinning with thoughts, and while I write this with no intention to change the minds of those who believe this is okay (because only God could change their minds), I’m writing to share my heart and encourage those who believe this is evil and depraved. Even scientists will tell you it’s a baby. I just don’t understand how the life of someone older means more. Life is life.


You see, by the definition of this vague law… (and the law is vague:

The Reproductive Health Act states, “every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion.”

So long as a licensed practitioner acts in “good faith,” a baby can be murdered in the womb up to birth in order “to protect the patient’s life or health.” Notably, the meaning of the word “health” is not defined within the legislation.)

…allowing for the killing of the unborn, I could have aborted any of my children. The one that I think most would probably choose to abort would be my precious Jacqueline. Had the doctor done a higher level scan we would have seen some of the issues with the pregnancy. I could have ended her life, but my life would be so much less.


Even though she’s had some fairly significant delays and some intellectual disabilities, her life is no less precious than either of her brothers or any other person who has lived on this earth, and this is what I have to say about it…

“Before I formed the in the belly I knew the; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and ordained the a prophet unto the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 KJV

Every person who has ever existed has a soul and was given a purpose by God. The souls of all these aborted children are in heaven now and will one day meet the women and doctors who were allowed to legally murder them.

My sweet Jac has a purpose in this life.

This was the first picture I saw of my baby girl hooked up to everything. By the time I got to the hospital, I believe they had taken her off oxygen.
everyday blessings, the blessing of a child with special needs
Jac with her physical therapist.


“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord; and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Psalm 127:3 KJV

Children are a blessing, and we should treat them as such. There are so many people who want to adopt. I’ve known many couples who went through the process of adoption and it took years.

It is incredible what doctors have done. Children can be born as early as 22 weeks gestation and live!! That is amazing! These mothers are having to deliver their babies…dead! Why? Let them live and let them have a life with a family who will love them. The fact that a woman would choose to kill her baby rather than give it a loving home just shows the evil in all of this.


Now I know I’ve based all of this on God and yes, I’m a Christian. But I’m just not sure I can wrap my mind around the fact that murder is illegal except when it’s an unborn child. I’ve often seen the the argument when Christians begin to speak out on abortion that the Jews were commanded by God to annihilate entire populations. First, I am not God so I can’t read or understand the mind of God though His reasons during war (and war is war) are explained in the Bible. Second, NO WHERE in the Bible does God command a woman to kill her unborn child. The womb should be a safe and sacred space for the child to grow and develop.

Life is a beautiful thing that we should never take for granted. This blog is in no way meant to condemn or hurt anyone who has ever had an abortion. Many woman who have them feel regret and sadness. For those who do not, they will understand their decision some day. It may just not be in their earthly body and on this side of heaven, but for those who bear the burden there is forgiveness for all who want it and choose to receive it.


Right before I began to put the final touches on this blog, I ran across a blog from a “friend” written by a doctor who was supporting the law and claiming she’s done a ton of post 24 week abortions (smiling in the pictures no less). She was giving some extreme circumstances under which she had performed these abortions. One of them was one woman who had been impregnated by her brother. There’s so much to this, but why in the world would someone wait until after 24 week knowingly impregnated by her brother? So now she not only has to live with the fact that her brother raped her (or impregnated her through mutual consent because I’m honestly not sure…I couldn’t make it through the whole article because it made me sick) but now she must live with ending another human life.

Another one she shared was a woman who  received cancer treatment and was told she couldn’t become pregnant. I have lots of questions about this one..but again, why would anyone wait until 24 weeks? It was noted in the article that many issues with a pregnancy aren’t picked up until later in the pregnancy…which leads me to my final thought…

Doctors aren’t always right, and just because they give you bad news doesn’t mean that it has to be a death sentence for the child. If a doctor told you that you have cancer, would just go ahead and kill yourself? Most level-headed people would not. For a doctor saying what normal people already know about late term abortions, check him out.


I never had to choose, but I would like to believe that regardless of what I knew about any of my pregnancies that it wouldn’t have mattered. In fact, with two of my three I didn’t even want the genetic testing because it wouldn’t have changed what I did with the pregnancy…perhaps it would have prepared me differently had there been an issue, but it would not have changed my mind to carry the pregnancy to term.

I’m not here to argue. Just to let those out there that there are people who believe this is a moral issue. It’s wrong on so many levels, and my heart hurts for those who perform abortions, receive the abortions, and the unborn babies who are the victims of the abortions.

Again, life is precious. There is healing, and there is forgiveness for all.

My three, sweet blessings.

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