June Eliie


June Ellie is here! It’s that time of the month again! Time to share this month’s Ellie Box with you, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There are three outfits to choose from this month: Back to black (the outfit I received), Rosé All Day, or Weekend Warrior. You can’t go wrong with any of them in my opinion. The leggings and bra I received this month were from a different brand than Ellie normally sends, and they fit slightly differently. I wasn’t sure if I’d like them at first because I was actually readjusting them quite a bit, but once I started working out, they stayed in place. (That was through weight lifting AND running.) I’m loving the cut outs in the leggings. 🙂

I am an influencer for Ellie Activewear. Please see my full disclosure for more about what this means.


So just like always, you get two choices: 1. A box with three items (typically a bra, top, and leggings) for $39.95. 2. A box with five items (typically a bra, a top, leggings, and two accessories). It’s a great deal. You can skip or cancel your monthly subscription during the first four days of the month, but with cute workout gear delivered to your door with free shipping…why would you? 🙂


So like I said, I was worried at first  about my leggings falling down. The cut seemed a little strange at first, but I went ahead and did my workout…and I’m glad I did because they stayed put for me, and I looked cute while I got in two solid workouts. Lately I’ve been feeling more myself and actually did legs this morning and then went for a run. Not a super fast run, but this is how I used to train a few years ago to improve my run: lift, then go for a run. I got pretty fast and my endurance was pretty awesome. The last year has been rough for me emotionally and physically, but FINALLY I’m feeling good again.


June Ellie
Close up of bra.
June Ellie
Close up of the back of the bra. Matches the leggings.
June Ellie
With the shirt.


I can’t think of too many things more encouraging than new workout gear in the mail every month. I always feel better in cute workout wear. It also helps when I don’t shower right away and have to run errands in cute workout gear. (Sometimes I even wear it when I don’t get in a workout. It just feels right. lol) But I’m here to help you feel yourself again. Maybe you’ve put on weight. It just snuck up on you, and you don’t know what to do. Or maybe you just aren’t feeling as strong as you used to. I’m here to help. Fill out my application for personal training and/or nutrition coaching. I’d love to help you reach your goals and support you through the process. Maybe you’re not ready for that, but you’d like to keep in touch and make sure you don’t miss posts from me. I’d love for you to sign up for my e-mail. You also get a FREE copy of my e-book all about prioritizing and organization. I look forward to sharing with you throughout the Summer. Stay tuned. I’m hoping to get more info and blogs out to you soon.


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