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Pretty sure there’s nothing in the world that makes a persons skin crawl and head itch any more than the mere mention of these creatures. I feel like this is a very taboo subject. People don’t talk about having it or their kids having it. Why? It’s pretty common! I see people share all sorts of stuff on Facebook, but in over 1000 friends, I haven’t seen one talk about lice. I can’t be the only one…So I’m here today to share our story of head lice. It’s not pretty or glamorous, but it’s real life.


So this didn’t actually start yesterday…yesterday was the actual discovery. Some time late last week, our middle kid was complaining of his head itching. Since lice is basically in my top 5 mom worries, I tried to look at his head, but he wouldn’t hold still. My husband just said, “Let’s shave your head. You probably just have dandruff…” So his head was shaved, but then thinking about lice, my head started itching so I had my husband look at my head. He said he didn’t see anything. (I especially had him check the places they tend to be: behind the ears and the nape of the neck.) My thought was maybe I was just having a reaction to my shampoo.

I noticed in the morning yesterday that the baby was scratching his head an awful lot, but he wouldn’t ever hold still long enough for me to look at anything.

Around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, I noticed our oldest scratching her head. Since she listens the best, I told her to be still and let me check her head. That’s when I saw it…a bug moving in her hair.


Now, I’ve been sick this past week. I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection. While I’ve been doing things, I’ve really been trying to rest because I don’t feel that great, but as soon as I saw that bug move and little tiny, white nits in her hair we were in the car and on our way to Walgreens in less than 3 minutes. I’m pretty sure it’s a record for getting three kids out the door and into the car. I then drove as quickly as the law would allow to pick up head lice treatment. I wasn’t sure what I would need and I did not want to venture back out so I picked up a full family kit and a regular treatment kit…just in case.


I explained to the kids on the way home (after texting my husband to tell him, calling my parents to tell them about the horrors and asking my good friend to come over and check me since my husband is in the field) the importance of them helping me. I told them Uriah was first, and I knew it was going to be a fight for everything so I asked him while we were still at Walgreens what candy he would like for being a big boy. (The two older ones also got to choose a candy because I didn’t feel like listening to complaining. I’m not above bribes.) I told them that they would need to strip their own beds and someone would have to help me with Uriah’s. While I was taking care of him, I had the other two gather up all the plush animals and place them into bags.


He was by far the most difficult. He doesn’t like people messing with his hair in the first place, but since it was time for a hair cut anyway, I decided to buzz it. I put him in the bath tub with gummy bears and shaved his head.

shaving his head for lice

He was most unhappy with me. After shaving, I applied the Nix treatment and let it sit per the directions. By the time he was done the older two were finished loading up the plush toys. I did Jacqueline then Joseph. I kicked them out so I could take care of myself.

lice treatment

Here I am. Restful 10 minutes of lice treatment. Had to make sure I didn’t have any either. Once I was finished, I helped round up the last of the laundry including pillows…

laundry mountain

I got all the main bedding and sheets done last night…last load completed around 11:00 p.m. And I went to bed.

We also have all the plush toys in the bags for the next couple of days…

lice treatment


I contacted everyone we have had close contact with the last couple of week to let them know they might want to check themselves or their children. Not everyone was concerned, but I would feel bad not letting people know and it going on for a while. I had it when I was 9, and it was awful because it went on for months. My parents COULD NOT see them! My sweet aunt discovered them one night when I spent the night. God bless her!


  1. Lice are pretty common. We just don’t talk about it.
  2. Lice don’t necessarily attach themselves to dirty people. We bathe daily, wash our clothes after washing and have a clean house…but they still found us.
  3. I recommend the complete kit. It contains the lice and nit killer, a special solution to put in long hair to make it easier to comb, and a spray for surfaces like mattresses. (I used the whole bottle.)
  4. Lice are tiny!!! So tiny! The nits and bugs are really difficult to see. 🐜 🐛 Get a magnifying glass and/or a flashlight or good natural lighting to look.

So there you go! Super fun summer, guys! We are now itch free and almost back to normal once this pile of laundry is complete which I expect to finish this evening. Hope someone found this helpful. If you’ve ever had lice, you’re not alone. I’m neck deep in momming right now. lol

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