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As I scrolled through my feed this morning thinking about what I might write for this week’s blog, I came across a post from a Facebook friend indicating she was starting a new workout program. (She’s already lost weight…but it’s obvious she has a very specific goal. This is fantastic!) In the comments section, someone wrote, “I wish I had your dedication.” (Or something super close to this.) My very first thought was, “You could have this dedication. You just choose not to.”

Now believe me, I get that life happens. I’ve shared recently that the last year has been a struggle for me nutritionally. Not that I didn’t have goals, but they were more workout based than weigh loss based. I also endured a ton of stress. So I kept up with my old faithful: exercise!


Now this person may no really have a weight loss goal and actually ‘wish’ to have this lady’s dedication, but more often than not people say ‘I wish’ really wanting an end result, but lack the motivation or direction to get started. I know for certain, that to be ready to lose weight, I had to be completely miserable. It wasn’t until I was miserable in my own skin that I was able to dedicate some time to a program. If you’re not ready to do something big, why not start small? For one, small changes over time make a big difference. Two, it often leads to other changes and trying new things.


It’s so easy to push things off until a more convenient time. But let’s be honest, there really isn’t a convenient time to do something that requires extra time and energy. It actually wasn’t until I started working out that I became better at scheduling my time. I’m not perfect by any stretch, but coming from a person who’s pretty much a free spirt (I go and come as I want and don’t typically like self imposed schedules) it changed how I ran my household and how much I got done during the day. In fact, I wrote my e-book about it so that I could help other stay-at-home mamas. ( I feel like we are the worst offenders with our time. Like we used to have a boss and clock in. Now we ARE the boss, and make the schedules.)


So maybe you really are ready to lose weight, get in shape, get stronger, gain muscle, or just feel better overall…I’m here to help with that. In fact, busy mama, I get you! I can write a program for you that you can do without having to leave home. (I wouldn’t be in shape today if it hadn’t been for at-home workouts. Apply for coaching here. (I’m certified to train on line. 🙂 )

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