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But I haven’t always been one. In fact, saying, “I’m an athlete” is actually a little difficult. For those of you who haven’t known me for long, I started working out and getting in shape seven years ago (this month actually). It was just to lose weight and be “skinny” again because of all the weight I had gained through two pregnancies. After a year, I realized I wanted to be more than skinny. I actually wanted to be in shape. That’s about the time I started working on various certifications.


As a child, I was sick almost all the time. I tried gymnastics and dance, but missed the practices all the time because I was always sick! My love of music and playing the flute began the summer between fourth and fifth grade, and I even thought I’d get a degree in music when I went to college. I hated P.E. I was awkward, uncoordinated, and always got picked last for teams (understandably) or at least almost last.

So I remember after I started working out thinking, at what point would I be considered athletic. I found it really difficult to think of myself any other way than my old uncoordinated, sucking wind when doing anything physical self. It seems to have slowly begun to set in…until a couple of weeks ago when I read this article. It made me think!


I don’t write about it or share as often as I’d like because if I did, I’m pretty sure people would get sick of it. I love training BJJ. If there was one physical activity I could do the rest of my life…of all the things I would choose, it would be this! Why? Because it works everything. It teaches self defense to people (especially helping those of us who are smaller). The people who train BJJ are fun people. (At least the awesome people I train with.) It teaches you things you can apply to every day life. It helps me to look at things (including the body) differently. It’s amazing! What made me link my current training and being an athlete is that at least two people while training have referred to me as an athlete or athletic! Me? That’s kind of when it was kind of settled for me.

brazilian jiu jitsu-bjj

brazilian jiu jitsu-bjj


It’s doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, and it doesn’t matter what your body looks like. YOU can be an athlete too if you so choose…Really, you can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do. Don’t let your brain be your limiting factor. Why do we let our thoughts limit what we do? The older I get, the more I see how I’ve allowed my brain and other people’s perception of me rule what I do and what I feel comfortable trying. I really hope this helps someone who’s been lacking the confidence to try something they’ve always wanted to try, and I hope to share more about this with you in the coming weeks.

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