Hurricane Irma: Our Evacuation Vacation

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation

Evacuating Savannah

We haven’t had a family vacation in a long time. Other than visiting family, we haven’t been on a family vacation in almost three years. So is the life of a military family it seems. But with the impending threat of Hurricane Irma last week, and the fact that we live east of I-95 in Savannah, we knew we would most likely be evacuating, so we packed up the RV (the one we haven’t been able to sell), and headed northwest to Anderson, SC.

Prep Time

We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare…I threw a bunch of clothes and some things I knew couldn’t be replaced and my husband made a list of things  we would need. Friday morning, leaving earlier than he told me we would, we got on the road. It was our new dogs first long trip, other than the first one he took to get to our house, with us. He traveled really well, and was very happy to be lying at the feet of the kids in the back. We didn’t even get a chance to stop for food because we were unfamiliar with the roads, and they were mainly back roads….so no food for much of the way.


We arrived in Anderson, South Carolina late in the afternoon. We are fortunate that we were able to call ahead to some friends who live there. The pastor at Oakwood Baptist Church was our pastor briefly when we lived in North Carolina, and he allowed us to park in their parking lot which had RV hook ups and allowed us to have a very comfortable stay while we were there.


So what started as an evacuation and a hastily thrown together trip ended up becoming a sweet family vacation. We ended up being able to relax and really enjoy each other as well as our church host. They were warm and friendly, just like a church should be. They made us feel like family. Our former pastor and friend shared that there was hiking in the area, so we took advantage of the weather leading up to the hurricane (which would eventually make it our way) and went for a hike at Cedar Falls State Park.  It was only about a 30 minute drive for us, and the drive itself was peaceful and scenic.

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation
Joseph always has a goofy face for photos.

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina

There are more photos from this, but I guess I’ll be uploading them to my Facebook since they don’t seem to want to be uploaded through the blog. :/

Next up was Table Rock State Park just over an hour from where we stayed in Anderson. It was a cloudy day, but no less beautiful!

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina, Table Rock State Park

Uriah missed these pictures because he was napping.

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina
The Savannah River all the way in South Carolina. Far from home.
Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina
Hartwell Dam

Coming Home

We arrived home late Thursday evening to an intact house with no damage. I mowed the lawn the next day only to find a few sticks and a little Spanish moss in the back yard. Honestly, we needed this time as a family to rest and regenerate a little. We have been so overwhelmed with travel for work and back and forth this summer for doctors appointments as well as visiting my family in North Carolina prior to my daddy beginning his cancer treatment that we hadn’t had much time just for the five of us. (Six if you include the pup. He’s still really new to the family.) We had a busy summer from lots of travel, Joe being gone much of the summer, my daddy being diagnosed with cancer, me still trying to work from home as well as keep house with three kids being home, doctors appointments, therapy, having to put down our dog Tiffers…then getting a new one, Jarda. It’s just been kind of crazy. So here’s to our first family vacation with Uriah, and much needed time to decompress. Savannah welcomed us home with this…

Hurricane Irma Evacuation Vacation, mountains, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Visit Savannah

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