This is a question that is often asked in the method of coaching I use. People come to a coach with a question about what they’re currently doing (or not doing). They explain it or share, and then they ask if it’s good or bad…As a coach, we ask, “How’s that working for you?”

This is an interesting question because we’re usually answering their question with a question. It’s meant to make the person really think rather than just having an answer given to them. It’s also going to often lead to different responses for different people. I’m going to go over a couple of things in this blog today and hopefully make you think a little bit. 🙂 That’s my hope, anyway.


(*Insert eye roll from me here.*) Sigh…I bring this one up mostly because I’ve seen this headline MULTIPLE times this week. This probably means it’s trending online and people see it, and are like, yeah, I shouldn’t be drinking cows’ milk because I’m not a cow.

So I get that there are people out there who are lactose intolerant and can’t drink it. This is a real thing, and I’m not debating that. There are also people who have other reactions to dairy products, but the complexity of milk and why we drink it can’t just be, “we aren’t cows so we shouldn’t drink it”. Want to read more into that? Check out Precision Nutrition’s break down of cows’ milk and you can make your own decision about whether-or-not you should continue to drink it. We drink it and use it in baking and food preparation here in our house because, well, it works for us.


Again, (*Insert eye roll.*) Nextflix is great for shows and movies, but I’m not sure I’d make it my end-all-be-all for my meals and daily living. In fact, I’m sure I wouldn’t. In most cases, people who produce documentaries or write blogs against certain products or food groups have an agenda. I mean, we all have an agenda. (Mine is to get you to my blog and share why I believe and feel the way I do about food in the case of this piece. I try to look at food from a different lens.) Pay attention to this. Stop for a hot second to process what you’re reading or watching, and don’t give into the drama and sensationalism of it all. It’ll make you feel a lot less stressed. Not everything is out to kill you.


I used to play into the “trends” of “clean” food and not eat “chemicals”. But we are made up of chemicals. Not everything labeled a “chemical” is bad for you. When you go on these diets that say gluten is bad for you, you’re taking out a whole group of foods you used to eat…decreasing your calories.  You lost weight! Yay! Yeah, that gluten is bad! You feel great…maybe because you lost weight…or maybe because your body really didn’t love gluten.

You cut out ALL dairy. Dairy is bad. Don’t eat anything from an animal…because you’re not that animal…and you lose weight…YAY!…because you’ve taken out a whole group of foods. Why did you lose weight? Because you cut your calories.


It’s not even a little bit of magic. People are so desperate to lose weight, they’ll go to the ends of the Earth to lose it and feel and look good in those jeans again. Pre-pregnancy size! Wooohooo! I get it! That feeling is amazing, but what happens when you decide to indulge again? What happens when you get tired of your new “lifestyle” and you’ve done nothing other than just knock out a food group when that’s probably not what you needed? You gain the weight back and you wait for the next trendy diet, documentary telling you that you need to drink a special “detox” concoction every morning because  man in the Philippines drinks it every day and has lived past 100 years old. Spoiler alert: it’s probably NOT his special “detox” concoction.

It’s healthy habits and hard work in a lot of cases.

Good health and healthy habits come from just that, healthy habits. You’ve spent a life time making crappy habits which have lead to the weight gain (in most cases), why not try focusing on healthy habits that will lead to a healthier, happy life that allows you to enjoy it? Just a thought. And I’m here to support you in that journey and ask you that question, “How’s that working for you?” We can come up with a plan that looks right for you…because food and exercise is NOT a one-size-fits-all thing.

Let me help you be the person you want to be!

Until next time…


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