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The other day I was talking to someone who didn’t know I’ve lost 40 lbs of fat! It made me think, “Other people who haven’t known me for long might not know either!” So here I am to share with you how I lost the weight.

First let me start by saying, I had no background in fitness or nutrition when I began almost nine years ago. It was the weight loss process that actually helped me kick off my career in the health and wellness industry. People look at me now and think that I couldn’t possibly know what it feels like to be overweight or hate my body, and I’d like to tell you now that is completely untrue. I DO understand.

After I gave birth to our second child, as soon as the doctor gave me the “all clear” I began working out. I knew my only opportunity to workout would be to do it from home. Since I already had it (and had not completed it) I started and finished P90X. Since I was nursing, I didn’t deplete my calories  too much. I stayed above 1800 calories per day and managed to lose 14 lbs. After that I started the next program, and lost another 14 or so lbs…By the one year mark I had lost 30 lbs. While I was excited, I still hadn’t reached my “goal” which was to be the same size I was before kids.

I did pretty well with food. I ate well balanced meals and made almost everything from scratch. (It’s how I’ve done it most of my life.)But I knew I could do something different. That’s when I decided to do the Ultimate Reset. I lost the remaining few pounds and inches I wanted without starving myself or going crazy.

It didn’t happen over night. You should never expect to lose weight the healthy way with “magic” pills, supplements, or shakes…You should expect it to be slow, keeping in mind goals and focusing on habits. I implemented things that I now teach people to do. My thoughts on food and exercise have changed slightly over the last few years, and it’s because I try to keep an open mind about things, and not get pigeonholed into one way of thinking or doing things when it comes to fitness in health.

Bottom line? Do it safely and slowly…and if you don’t know how, let someone who knows how to do it help you. (Like me. 🙂

Here are some pictures of how it happened since some people don’t believe me.

Six weeks after baby #2. The beginning of my weightloss and fitness journey.

4/2/2012 – 130 lbs




workout clothes
After the 21-Day Ultimate Reset January 2013
Ultimate Reset 2013 Reset 1
beachbody transformation, transformation
After having a second baby. Losing 40 lbs of fat and three babies later.

Seriously, if you’re ready to get healthy and lose weight, let’s talk. I have to share where I came from. I want every woman out there to know it doesn’t have to be the way it is. You CAN feel better.

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