For six and a half years now, I’ve been working out and trying to get into the best shape of my life. Getting into the best shape of my life has already happened, but each day I wake up I strive to be the best version of myself possible. I started in fitness with at-home workout DVDs. I started with one program and once I would finish it I’d move to the next one. These workouts not only helped me lose all the baby weight, but gave me a confidence I’d never had. A couple years in and I became interested in becoming a personal trainer. I wanted to know how the body worked and how I could help other women feel as amazing as I did. (Nutrition certification came a couple years later.)


It’s not an easy process. I had to do it when Jac was a school, but still had Joseph at home. Each day, I made time to study, and about five months later I took the test and PASSED!! I didn’t actually plan on using the certification for training purposes, but simply for the knowledge, but as I continued with Beachbody and went to Summit I realized the importance of creating my own brand…I had started as a Beachbody Coach, but wanted to have knowledge about “why” and “how”.  And thanks to some amazing women in my life, they helped me realize my potential and all the possibilities in the world of fitness.


I wanted something that created a community of like-minded women, specifically moms who were trying to feel themselves again after having babies. (Your world, body, mind, routine…literally everything changes after children.) I think most moms would agree they want to feel “hot”, and being fit is important as a mom with the demands physically and mentally. What I’ve found is that working out and pushing myself in workouts has helped me to do a number of things better: basic household chores from taking out the trash, lifting laundry loads, picking up children or having them crawl on me, organize, schedule, cook for the family…the list goes on. All these things are easier or have improved because of a daily workout.

So Hot N’ Fit Mama’s Club it was for me. I’m so much more than JUST working out. It’s a small part of a larger picture. So it seemed completely appropriate. 🙂


If I’d tried to implement all I do and know now six years ago, it would have been overwhelming. Failure would have happened within a few days or weeks of starting. Now I’d like to take this opportunity to give back and share years of studying and hard work, trial-and-error with you. Weekly calls to encourage and motivate as well as do a Q and A with call participants. Starting in January 2018 I will be doing Zoom calls. Kind of like a mom group…only online so you don’t have to get dressed or even be cute. (There is no charge for this. It’s my gift to anyone who wants to accept it.)

Please share with all your mama friends and sign up for my e-mail so you can take advantage of this and  know the dates and times. I look forward to meeting new friends in the new year as well as share what I know with you. Small changes add up, and it’s my hope that you make 2018 your best year yet.


  1. Go sign up for my e-mail. (You also get a FREE copy of my e-book when you do this.)
  2. Please share this blog and site with all your mama friends. (The more, the merrier…and it’s FREE!!)
  3. Keep your eyes open for emails from me telling you when we will meet with the Zoom link for the call.
  4. Join me and have health and fitness or general “mom” questions ready for me.

I’d love to get to the point that I can have guest speakers for specific topics. Remember, I’m so much more than JUST working out. I want to see you grow as a woman and mother this year.

Want to learn a little more about me? Check out my main page and story.

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