This is a long awaited blog. I’ve wanted to share this with you all for so long, and today is the day I get the pleasure of doing it. We sold our first ever home, and now I’m going to share the special and tiny detail that God planned and worked out.


We tried selling our home back in 2007-2008 when the housing market crashed. Over the span of 6-8 months, we had maybe two showings We ended up renting our house out. Over the next five years, we grew tried of having renters and were very frustrated that we hadn’t been able to sell. We just didn’t understand why God hadn’t allowed our home to sell.

Holding our tiny baby minutes before we left our home in Savannah in 2008 just three weeks after she was born. (Joe actually stayed behind a few weeks more to iron out extra details before we met him in New York.)


In May of 2015, we came down for a visit to Savannah and saw our yard was very overgrown. It made me question how bad the inside would look given the appearance of the outside. It was far worse than Joe and I could have imagined, and in August of 2015 we began the process of gutting and renovating our house. $45,000 later in December we moved back in as Joe got stationed at Ft. Stewart.


We drained our savings and had to take out a $30,000 loan to fix all the damages and make our house whole again. Not even half a year after moving back in, a pipe burst in our house causing much of the house to flood….more money.😩


Fast forward to October 2018 when we decided to list our first ever home together: the home we purchased as young 22 year olds, the home I welcomed Joe home from at least four deployments, the home I spend a lot of time alone in while Joe was training or on deployment. It was the place where I hosted my first adult get-togethers…and where we would eventually bring home our first child even if it was only for a week before moving.


I had so many mixed emotions. Joe has always been frustrated by the house because he thought it would be a quick and easy sell. It was not. We moved back in to the best and most wonderful neighbors we could ask for. I had also put all the special touches on the house that I loved in my little kitchen. But with much hesitation, I signed my name to the paperwork. (Plus, all I could think about was how the previous listing went.)

We began looking for a new home. We had a very specific list of wants, and I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out.


We put in a contingent offer on a house and after much back-and-forth we decided it wasn’t for us. Then we got our first offer in December. It was low…and they weren’t willing to come up to the amount Joe and I were willing to part with our house on. They also wanted us to close three days after Christmas. That in-and-of-itself gave me serious anxiety. 😂We didn’t HAVE to move. So unless we were getting a very specific amount of above we weren’t selling.


Fast forward to February: our original realtor unexpectedly quit! 😱 We were shocked! But within a week we were meeting our new realtor.

Within two weeks of that meeting, we received a cash offer on our home.We started the process of the back-and-forth and we settled on a final number. They ordered the home inspection and basically said if we didn’t replace the HVAC system then they wouldn’t go through with the purchase. This made us pretty angry. We actually offered to pay for it because Joe just wanted to be done with it. They didn’t want to accept us replacing it!!

Meanwhile, we had actually put in an offer on a beautiful home in a great neighborhood and our offer had been accepted. We were really frustrated and angry when, after all this, we had to terminate the contract on the house we wanted to buy. But here’s where it gets amazing….I was really upset, but I prayed very specifically that God would show Himself in a way that looking at the situation you could look at it and say, “That was all God!”


Less than a week later (and 6 or 8 showings in that time) we had two really amazing offers on our house and got to choose the best one! What?!

Joe, thinking we would be moving during the week of the 28th because that’s what our previous contract had as our closing, he took leave so that we could finish packing and move. He kept these leave dates.

So we went back to the house we loved and they didn’t even respond to our offer even though it was the exact offer they had accepted with us before less than a week prior to this. We looked at another house just two houses down from it. I had seen it on line a couple weeks before when it came on the market, but Joe wasn’t that excited because the square footage was on the small size. He ended up really loving it. That night we did a pros and cons list of both homes. We prayed about it, and slept on it.

We made our decision and contacted our realtor who was surprised at our decision. It just seemed right though…and it was. Closing was the same as we had originally planned and we got the house a little under what it was listed for.


Guys, I’m so excited to put my touch on this house. It’s beautiful! And the first night we were there and I was gazing up into the night sky, I just felt a peace come over me, and I felt like I was home…because I am.

I’m so grateful to God and His timing. I also feel blessed that we got to come back to our home and see our wonderful neighbors again. I’m glad that God made us wait so that we could get THIS home. Because it wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. HIS timing is perfect. That’s all I can say about it.

Saying goodbye with three kids instead of one
Our first day at the new house.

I appreciate all the people who knew the situation and prayed. I also appreciate my friends who encouraged me through a very frustrating process.

Thanks for reading today even though it was super long. Can’t wait to share more about our home as we go through and make it ours.

Until next time, friends…


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