I’ve shared before, but I’ll share it again: I love traditions. There’s just something so special about being able to hand something down to the next generation and heartwarming about doing the same things year-after-year. From the time I was born until I left home, we had the same Christmas traditions. Christmas Eve was spent playing at my Grandma Sadie’s house with my cousins while everyone enjoyed snacks and opening presents. While Christmas morning was spent at home with my mom making brunch and everyone from our extended family (and some times friends) coming over to celebrate with us.


When I married my husband, it complicated things a bit. 1. He’s from a completely different part of the country so our families are not near each other. 2. He’s in the Army and we never know if he will be home from one-year-to-the-next. Creating our own Christmas traditions didn’t become a reality until we had our second child. We drove through a blizzard from New York to North Carolina. We pulled a trailer with all our Christmas presents for the children and all our luggage because not all of it would fit in our car. (We also needed room for the presents my parents would be giving the kids.)

While we were there, it was really hard to do our “own” thing as a family just because, well, it wasn’t our home. It was that year that I decided that we just needed to stay home for Christmas. People could come and see us if they wanted to visit, but it was very important for us to create our own traditions whether it be decorating the tree and house, decorating cookies, or baking special holiday cookies. Whatever we wanted to do, we could to and it would become our very own tradition.



So here we are, 14 Christmas’s together. We have Christmas Eve dinner here at our home. Friends and family are welcome to join, and we enjoy a beautiful prime rib (almost always given by my parents) for Christmas dinner.

This year was great! Jac got a special present from mommy and daddy. It was a very “Ed” Christmas for her.

Uriah got all things dinosaur and was a little miffed at the presents that had nothing to do with them. Joseph actually got excited for new pants! I guess he doesn’t like wearing high waters. 😂

All-in-all we are happy to be able to share in the joy of Christmas and remembering the birth of Our Lord and Savior together this year. Now on to the days continued festivities: watching Christmas movies in my Christmas jammies. 😍

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. I look forward to a new year of sharing with you all. Love and good cheer!

Christmas morning in the Bouchard Home. 2018


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