Home for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again…time for me to share our home for the holidays  2019 look forward to this time all year. There’s just something so special and magical about having the home decorated for Christmas! This is our first year in our new home. 🥰


So if you’ve read a blog or two of mine, you’ll already know I love traditions and nothing makes me happier than having something that reminds me of years past.
While my Christmas decorations may not be everyone’s cup of tea, everything I look at brings back sweet memories from the old wooden ornaments that donned my childhood Christmas tree, to the decorations that were my grandmothers, to the newer decorations that have been given to us by friends, family, and military units. Each piece tells a story…and that brings my heart joy.


My approach to decorating honestly is just one that the kids can get in on. I want them to feel like they were a part of it all. (I’m not a perfectionist…not even a little. So I can handle when it’s not “just right”.) We have homemade ornaments, and I also allow them to help hang the ornaments. Are they always well placed? Not usually…but that’s okay.

So here’s to Christmas in our new home, making new memories, remembering Christmas’s past, and passing down memories to our kids.


vintage tree topper
My grandma’s tree topper. It’s really starting to show its age, but still going strong.
vintage wooden ornaments
One of the many wooden ornaments from my childhood. Such sweet memories as I put them up with my kids.
Newer Christmas Traditions
This was given to our oldest for her first Christmas. The couple that gave it to her continues to send ornaments every year. So sweet when we look at them and think of the people.
Military Unit Ornaments
From when my husband was stationed at Shaw AFB.
Military Unit Ornaments
One of the first ornaments we got when we got back down to Savannah.
Military Unit Ornaments
Last year’s 3rd ID ornament.
Military Unit Ornaments
West Point, Most Holy Trinity. Jac won this for us. It was dirty Santa, and because she was so little, no one would take it from her. It was the best gift of the night.
Military Unit Ornaments
Some of Joe’s (and my) fondest memories: 1/75. I believe these were gifts from the FRG one year. (We may have had to purchase, but I’m pretty sure this was a gift.)
Feliz Navidad
All the way from Guatemala. My uncle is from there, and they brought this back to my mom. I love things from my childhood. Mom is always trying to make things beautiful and perfect, so i take anything from my childhood she’s willing to give for the most part.
Nativity Scene
This was my grandmother’s. I remember it from forever. 🙂
This Santa is at least 30 years old…I think my mom brought him home when I was 5. So he’s old..but still works. My husband hates it! I love it, so I win. 🙂


I love everything about this time of year, but one of the things I love most about this year is the fact that we have a fireplace!! One of the “must haves” for this house was a fireplace. So I’m thrilled. Hopefully it will be chilly enough that we can have a fire this year. Fingers crossed!







Until next time, friends…


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