Now I’ve been saved since I was five years old, (I don’t necessarily expect my non-Christian friends to understand, but please, stay with me) but having a child completely changed my view and relationship with God.

I was able to understand and accept that God send His Son. His only Son to live as a man. Live a sinless life, and then die a horrific death on the cross. I could accept that, and that (along with acknowledging you’re a sinner and turning away from your sin) is enough for salvation. An eternal relationship with God. Creator of the Universe. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. But it wasn’t until I held my first child in my arms and felt a love like I’d never felt before that I truly realized what God had done for me. I’m not saying others can’t experience a true, deep love of God without children, but for me, it was a pivotal moment for me in my life. It made me truly understand His love for me.


And then I saw Him work out His perfect plan in my life through my child. I saw Him take a sad and dismal situation and send us the perfect people: doctors, friends, and therapists. He put us in the perfect place to receive all these people. And then the next place we moved and so on…and then He gave me the strength to realize that I COULD homeschool Jac and all my kids. (I’m way more capable than I gave myself credit for…and it’s because of Him. Not me.)


This was the first picture I saw of my baby girl hooked up to everything. By the time I got to the hospital, I believe they had taken her off oxygen.



When Jac had her seizure, and miraculously made it down the stairs as she was seizing to get to me. That was all God. And he’s shown Himself time and again through my kids.

Him allowing me to have two wonderful (completely different) COMPLETELY different VBAC experiences.

Going home from the hospital.

When they ask for something, and I want to say “no”…or I really want to say “yes”. And then I have to think about how those things impact them, and how sometimes we ask God for things, but He knows better than we do…just like we do as parents.

Yes, being a parent has truly helped me to understand God better. Not fully. But better. In our Christian walk, I think that’s what God expects. I know some people just “get it” from the get go, but some of us take longer. God uses situations and people and circumstances to mold us and make us into the person we are supposed to become.


I’m thankful for my children, and the deep love that I’ve been able to feel because of them. But I’ve also felt great loss and pain through them as well…all feelings our Heavenly Father has. We are truly made in His image. I’m a little ashamed to say it’s taken me so long to share this with people, but after a conversation with a very Godly lady at a Chaplain’s spouse get together, I thought this very appropriate to share with you all. I hope that you will see God’s love and blessings through your children, and if you don’t already have a knowledge and love of God, I ask that you begin to seek Him.

Yes, having children changed my view of God completely. He didn’t make a mistake when He gave me each of my three children. Surely they are sweet blessings that I am so happy to have. For the rest of my life I will be grateful that God allowed me to be their mama on this earth. Thank you! If

Until next time…


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P.S. If you need a great home church and you’re in the Savannah area, check out Bible Baptist Church.