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Would you think I’m a bad personal trainer/fitness professional if I told you I think New Year’s resolutions are not the best idea? Perhaps it puts us in the wrong mind set. How many times have people said they’re going to do something in the new year only to fall off the wagon within a couple of weeks just because it didn’t jive with how they were feeling or wasn’t fun. I think it’s safe to say most people would like to be healthy, at their goal weight, organized, debt free, and living their best life. But if we all want these great things? Why do we have such trouble achieving them?


My thought is that I don’t need January 1st to get a fresh start. I tend to start workout programs on Mondays because that just seems to workout with my schedule best, usually leaving my weekends open. But when I decided to lose weight, I didn’t start in January. I started in July. When I decided to start eating better, I just started doing it, but I know for sure I didn’t start January 1st! When we decided to pay of thousands of dollars of debt, we started in February. All you need is one day…one moment…just to do something differently than you’ve been doing it. You develop the discipline needed to achieve your desired results over time by doing the same thing consistently. Approach your “resolutions” the same way. But can we go a little deeper?


So you’re probably wondering what I DO recommend you do. I think setting goals is EXTREMELY important. If you don’t set any, how could you possible expect to move forward? Make SMART goals: S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-realistic, T-timely.

I’ll use my personal example of paying off debt. Instead of just saying it, I wrote it down and put it on a board that I look at often. Joe (my husband) and I sat down and looked a the numbers. (This was so hard for me to do. I hate numbers and I hated looking at how much we owed!! But it was completely necessary.) I wrote “credit card debt free 2017”. I’m happy to announce that while I didn’t completely reach the goal, with less than $1,500 left to pay on a credit card, we have paid off over $19,000 worth of credit card debt alone!! It’s been hard, but we made some stuff happen this year.


So my best advice is to evaluate what you truly want…whatever it may be. Write it down. Put it in a place you can see, and remember, nothing is going to happen over night. It just isn’t. If you’re wishing for the lottery winnings to pay off your debt or praying they’ll come out with a pill that will magically make you skinny and fit just by popping it in your mouth, or that new language you want to learn is just going to pop into your head by willing it…YOU’RE WRONG! lol You can do this. I know you can. Want to dream a little and help put your goals where you can see them? Consider a vision board.


I mentioned above paying off lots of debt. Dave Ramsey inspired us to pay off debt, and we really haven’t looked back it’s been difficult at times, but it’s really been a blessing. For more on it check it out:

It’s worth every penny!

Do you feel like you have too many ideas of what you SHOULD be doing? Find out what you should working on so you can create appropriate goals with PUSH:

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YOU CAN DO THIS! I know you can. Don’t think of this as the beginning of the year. You’ll fall off. Continue learning. Continue doing, and continue trying to be the very best version of yourself each day.


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