We’ve had a really busy summer so far: moving into a new house, a super finger infection that had to be lanced, painting and decorating the new house (which while the end result is enjoyable, the work is not), a giant seizure that sent Jac to the hospital, a new medication for seizures that sent Jac for a hospital stay, bronchitis for me…and two birthdays in the mix. Whew!

And in all this, I’m still grateful.

Grateful for family to support us so that we have help around the house, for friends to take the kids when we need to be somewhere else, church family to pray for us and with us through these things, and very grateful to have my children and husband through this.

Life isn’t perfect. Ours has been far from it these last few years. In fact, while we’ve had some highs throughout the last few years, the lows have surely outnumbered them…unless you take the time to look at the little things and little blessings.

Through each of these situations, God has shown Himself good: the emergency crew who answered the call, the doctors who have helped us through each of these medical issues, new neighbors who have become quick friends…the list goes on. I’m thankful.

On a day that I’m really not sure what to share with you, I feel I should share my gratitude through it all.

Until next time…

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