Goal Setting For Workouts In The Real World

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Why Goals Setting For Your Workouts Needs To Happen

Goal setting for workouts is a real thing. I didn’t believe that until I actually set one and achieved it.  If you want to achieve something, anything, you need to have a map to get there. You wouldn’t get married without picking a day, setting appointments with the right vendors, picking out finishing touches, or at least letting someone do that for you…show up for you big day and expect everything to go like you saw it going in your head. Why not? Because it takes a plan. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to figure out your big goal and work from there. If your goal is to “tone up” (code for build muscle) then you’ll need a plan for it and not just show up to a gym and start lifting random weights. So how do you do this?

First Thing First

Let’s focus on weight loss for my example. Figure out what you want! If your goal is to lose 50 lbs, that’s terrific!! Figure out when you’d like to reach that goal by, but don’t be overly aggressive. Don’t set the goal date two months from now. Five to six months would be much more reasonable, and work in five to ten pound increments and be sure to celebrate for yourself when you reach those “little” milestones because those little milestones add up to your BIG GOAL!! 50 lbs seems intimidating, but 5-10 lbs seems much more manageable. Once you figure this out, you can go to the next step…

Get A Plan In Place

Now that you have a goal, you need a plan. Different types of workouts will get you to different goals. Need help figuring out what to do? Let me help you pick the perfect workout program for you goals. You can do them from the comfort of your own home too or use it with your gym membership if you still just have to have one! The new Beachbody On Demand All-Access Pass is amazing! Read about it here! There is a program there for anyone of any fitness level. It’s way cheaper than a personal trainer and whatever program you choose will get you amazing results it you stick to it. Pick a time you know you can do every day. It’s like writing a meeting with your boss into your schedule, except you are your boss and you’re firing your fat! Which leads me to my next point…

Stick With It

Don’t give up after a week and you don’t see the scale move. It takes time. Think about how long it took you to get where you are. Now, it’s not going to take you that long to get the weight off most likely, but you will have to be much more disciplined when trying to take it off. You can do this though. I know you can! If I could manage to do it with two and then three kids and a husband who was rarely home, you can do this too. In fact, it’s because of Beachbody that I’m in the best shape of my life. So thanks Beachbody! 😉

Seeing Change

If you stick with it, I promise you’ll see change. Many people need motivation and accountability, and most people think they can only find it in a gym, group fitness class, or personal training…and I like to call those people wrong. Because they are. You can get lots of help, support, motivation, and even a shoulder to cry on or vent to when things get tough, because they will. Join one of my awesome challenge groups on Facebook. Become a Hot N’ Fit Mama with me even if you just join for FREE coaching and the other amazing women I work with every single day. We get things done because we’ve made fitness and healthy eating a priority for ourselves and for our families.

So What’s The Take Away?

This is totally doable. I can provide you with everything you need to succeed including accountability and motivation.  I want you to know you CAN feel incredible and while this isn’t easy, neither is being out of shape or miserable. So choose your hard. I’m here to help, and I encourage you to look around my site and learn more about me and why I have a passion for helping others. Till next time…

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