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As a fitness professional, I’m a member of lots of online forums and pages where trainers can discuss client issues to get some insight and feedback on how to help them better. I rarely share my opinion or give input, but I enjoy reading the responses of trainers who have lots of experience and years and years of training behind them. One of the questions that came up a while ago had to do with finding time to train when a client is a new mom and dead tired from lack of sleep. Most of the women responded that there wasn’t a lot you could do as a new mom except wait it out…eventually a kid’s gonna sleep! (I was in this camp.) But one woman responded that there was ALWAYS something you could do. She suggested a night nanny. Oookkkaaayy??


I had never heard of a night nanny before, but just the name itself sounds like huge money…so I looked it up, and I wasn’t wrong. It seems the going price is about $200 a night! If someone had suggested this to me when I was frustrated with a new baby and finances already being tight, I probably would have cried. I’m guessing this trainer assumes everyone who pays for training has money to throw at a night nanny.🤷‍♀️


So what CAN you do when you’re a new mom or mom of young kids, sleep deprived, and want to get back in shape? Well, the way I did it was I just did it. What does that mean? It means I looked for opportunities to get in my workouts. (None of my kids really slept well through the night before six months, and the baby didn’t sleep through the night until he was over a year and a half.) When I started working out I got my workouts in around 9:00-10:00 a.m. Jac would play and Joseph would sit in his bouncy seat and watch mama work. As long as he wasn’t fussy (I’d make sure he was fed, burped, and rested) I’d workout and even try to include him in some way during the workout. He really liked when I’d do a push and kiss him or just make silly faces while I was working. It was enough to get us through.

There’s always the option of doing it while the kids nap or sleep. This can be a difficult one for many moms because they feel the need to sleep while the kids sleep. So getting up just 30 minutes before the baby or kids get up or while they go down for a morning or afternoon nap can allow you to get in your workout. I personally find that it gives me some time to myself to enjoy peace and quiet. I like being up before everyone else because it’s time where no one else is talking to me or asking me for anything. In the case of a baby, there wouldn’t be anyone demanding food from my body. Lol


I’m not saying don’t hire a night nanny. If you’re able to hire someone to sit through the night at your house which allows you to sleep as a new mother, DO IT! I think it sounds glorious to have the help of someone in the middle of the night, but it wasn’t an option for us.


No matter what, you can succeed in your weight loss. If you can’t focus on hardcore workouts, maybe focus on nutrition. I can help with that. Know you have options and you can figure things out. I’d love to help you do that. If you think you’d like more information or just trying to figure things out, fill out my application for personal training or nutrition coaching...or both! (All online. 😊) I’m here to help you figure things out.

From one mom to another: you got this!

Until next time…


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