Get Outdoors With Ellie’s October Box

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Get Outdoors With The Ellie October Box

Disclosure Policy

Yes! It’s here. Ellie’s October box is here, and you can get 15% off on your first box. Want to know how? Keep reading. I always enjoy seeing that pink, shiny box waiting in front of my door when I get home from picking up the kids. This month the focus is on getting outside in the great outdoors and enjoying being free in nature and away from technology. So that’s what I did with my outfit this month… I headed out to the Wormsloe Historic site in Savannah, GA. ๐Ÿ™‚

What Do You Get With Your Subscription?

You now have two options: Option1- get 5 items (usually a bra, a top, bottoms, and two pieces of equipment) for $49.95 OR Option 2- get 3 items (a bra, a top, and bottoms) for $39.95. Honestly, you can’t beat the price for a complete outfit. You choose! And when you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can choose to skip a month if you’re not feeling it. This month, in lieu of a bra, we got a jacket; perfect if you live where it’s already chilly. It’s not even close to being chilly here in Savannah, but I braved the heat and modeled it for you all. I loved the colors this month, and I’m really loving the top and pants. I always get complements on my Ellie outfits.



You get this…

ellie activewear outfit october box
These are the three pieces you get with just the outfit option this month.

And you get the outfit above and this with the 5 piece option…

This month we also received a yoga towel (super absorbent) and a little personal travel bag.

I had a beautiful backdrop for my outdoor shoot.

ellie activewear outfit october box. ellie discount code
There are thumb holes to keep the sleeves down and your hands a little warmer.

ellie activewear outfit october box, ellie discount code

ellie activewear outfit october box, ellie discount code

ellie activewear outfit october box. ellie discount code

You could do just about any activity in this outfit. Not many hills here in Savannah, but I imagine you could do a nice hike in this outfit. At the top of the mountain, pop on your jacket so you can be a little warmer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So About That Discount Code

Go to and whenย  you check out, put in MY promo code KELLEYELLIE15 (make sure you spell my name with an -ey) and you’ll get 15% off your first month’s subscription. Now go get your October Box from Ellie. Have a great rest of your month, and get ready for November’s Box!


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