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Thinking of getting in shape or losing weight? I can’t think of a better time to start than now!

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It’s easy in a generation of instant gratification to want to drop the weight quickly, but in reality, the weight doesn’t tend to stay off when all you’re looking for is a quick fix.

So how do you do it? The old fashioned way. I know. I know. It doesn’t sound fun, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. In fact, I’m here to tell you it’s life-changing. Here are five fit tips to help you start (or continue) your journey.


Find a workout you love to do. This can take time because there are so many options out there. I started working out eight years ago (this month in fact) right after the birth of our second child. I’d ordered P90X a few years before after the birth of our first, but wasn’t able to stay on track because of pain (from my c-section).

What I wish I’d known then is that just because that particular workout wasn’t the right one for me didn’t mean I couldn’t workout at all. Learn from my mistake and find something that works for you.

Lifting weights, cardio (walking, running, swimming, HIIT training), find a martial art to learn…whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it and maybe even look forward to doing it.


Get some cute workout gear. I know this sounds weird, but when you feel like you look good you’ll most likely feel more motivated to hit the gym. You can find really cute and completely functional gear here. (I wear it and love it.)ย  Make sure to get appropriate foot wear for your chosen “sport” as well. Not all footwear is created equal and you’ll want to make sure to do a little research so that you’re prepared. It really will make a difference. (Bonus to my chosen sport of BJJ? No shoes. lol)


Find an accountability partner. My husband thinks it’s weird that I workout by myself, but to each-his-own.

Find a buddy to go to fitness classes with or check in with your workouts and food. Share your goals with your friend. You’re more likely to reach a goal when you share it with someone else. Or see #5…; )


Work on making smarter choices instead of viewing food as good vs. bad. Food is fuel, but it can also be enjoyable. In order to lose weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit. I hate the word “diet”. It sounds restrictive to me, but in reality the word diet just means a way of eating. For me, my diet consists of a variety of foods and doesn’t exclude any one food group. Don’t tell me I can’t have a piece of bread. (I might cut you…with the bread knife I can’t use.๐Ÿ˜‚)


Hire a fitness and nutrition coach…like me. Shameless plug, I know. But I’ve studied about food and nutrition for years now. I’ve also lost over 40 lbs of fat and kept it off. So I think it’s safe to say that I know what I’m doing. I’d love to help you lose weight or just get healthier. Not only that, I love seeing other women succeed and hit their goals. I love being part of that process.

I can’t imagine having the life I have, keeping up with my children, and taking care of my household with the weight i used to carry. My knees and back didn’t like it.



07/01/11 – 163 lbs
02/16/13 – 127 lbs

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So if you’re tired of being tired and sore (not for good reasons), then this is your cue to jump on the fitness train. It’s not an obsession. It’s just a healthy and enjoyable way of life.

I’ve been skinny, fat, skinny-fat, fit, and a little fluffy fit๐Ÿ˜‚. Beyond aesthetics, my lungs and joints appreciate my body being at a healthy weight, and yours will too. I promise you won’t regret it. Did you find these fit tips helpful? Let me know by leaving a comment or sharing with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Until next time friends…