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As always, I’m excited to share with you all what you get. Remember, you have the opportunity to choose from two options: five items (pants, bra, top, and two fitness accessories) for $49.95 or just three pieces (pants, bra, and top) for $39.95. + FREE SHIPPING! You can also skip any month you’re not feeling the outfit.

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You get a cute little pouch to carry “whatever” as you head out as well as some workout bands. The bands will come in extra useful as I start a new program soon that will utilize the bands. So THAT’S exciting! 🙂


As far as workouts go, this outfit is perfect for just about anything to get your sweat on. The material moves nicely with you, doesn’t fall down or sag at the crotch, and you can squat, lung, and run comfortably (as comfortable as those activities can be lol). I took my pup for a walk. I’ll also let you know the material is tough because even with my dog jumping up on me, it didn’t snag the material or create a hole.

Hot N' Fit Mama's Club
Walking Jarda. (I call him Jar for short.)

Hot N' Fit Mama's Club


This is a super comfy Ellie outfit, and what better month to start your subscription than January? You’ve made your resolution to get in shape, and you should look cute while you get in shape. Right? You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look cute, and hey, if you lose weight (just like you’re planning to) you can update to a smaller size at any time. Yay! Also, the back of the bra is very cute. Always important.

Hot N' Fit Mama's Club

I’m here to help you get in shape. So if you still haven’t figured out how, where, or when you’ll workout I’d love to help you with that. I have a nutrition program I can help guide you through and/or set you up with a personalized workout plan. Let me help you be the best version of yourself.

Hot N' Fit Mama's Club

Ready? Contact me and let’s get started! Not quite ready, but want tips and tricks? Sign up for my e-mail and get a FREE copy of my e-book. Looking forward to all 2018 holds. Stay tuned for my delicious fried chicken recipe. mmmmmm Till then.. Oh, and you don’t want to miss out another month with Ellie’s Subscription Box so You don’t want to miss out another month with Ellie’s Subscription Box. Order here!


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