This day, eight years ago, I was very pregnant with our second child. I was a week overdue, and the doctor mentioned scheduling a repeat c-section that upcoming Monday (it was a Saturday) if he hadn’t arrived by then.


Each birth and child is special for different reasons. One of the things that makes my Joseph so special is the fact that he was my first VBAC or vaginal birth cesarean.

I’ll never forget the relief of seeing him after pushing him out of my body: the overwhelming joy…and the feeling that my body had done what I thought it had failed to do with Jac.


I’ve had time to process her birth. For a long time, even after Joseph was born, I thought that if I’d had to have another c-section my life would be over. What I’ve realized is that any birth the mom feels like she’s listened to about what she wants, that she’s asked if someone can do something to her rather than being forced upon her is a good birth.


I realize that Jac (at the time she was born) had to be an emergency. Do I think the nurses and doctors at Winn Army Community Hospital could have been more proactive in telling me what was going on rather than just doing it do me? (Ex. They gave me pitocin without my knowledge, they put a catheter in and shaved me in preparation for surgery AS they were doing it, and when I arrived at the hospital wouldn’t allow me to get up to use the bathroom…it was because of the drop in heart rate for Jac, but none of this was explained and Nurse Judy (I’ll never forget her name) wasn’t exactly kind in her interactions with me.)..These are just a few of the things that happens prior to them putting me to sleep and delivering our first born.

Yes, I think they could have communicated things better with me. I didn’t realize this for many years, but it’s why I felt so strongly about an unmedicated, natural birth.


Despite not wanting to have another child, God knew better and blessed us with Joseph. His birth was a healing experience that allowed me to have confidence in my body’s ability as well as to trust medical professionals again.

I’m grateful for the experience. Every woman should know that no matter how you give birth:  your birth matters, your wishes matter, your voice matters, and YOU are the biggest part of your birth. Find a team that will support your healthy pregnancy and delivery.

So happy birthday to my sweet Bubby, Jospeh Charles Bouchard born May 29, 2011. I know he will never know the great impact he had on my life just by being born. He will do great things in life…I just know it.

I know I look horrible, but this is as real as it gets…a 4:34 am delivery after a middle-of-the-night drive to the hospital.

Happy Birthday, Bub!

Until next week…


PS If you’re a mama who’s had a c-section and you’re looking for more information on a VBAC, lots of helpful information can be found through ICAN.