So the last few years I’ve tried to share about our anniversary. This year we’ve been married for 15 years. Most anniversaries we find that Joe is out of the country, state, or has to work…this year was no exception. He spent the week training combatives and training chaplain’s assistants how to defend themselves and their chaplains. (Something that, surprisingly, until my husband came up with it wasn’t even a thing.😱)

We’ve had a TON going on this year. We’ve had our house on the market since October. I’ve been homeschooling. We just made it through the holidays…and now we find ourselves celebrating fifteen years of marriage.


First of all, I don’t feel old enough to have been married for that long, but here we are. Second of all, I would have loved to go out, but between trying to coordinate with him, find a babysitter, pay a babysitter, and then go to an expensive restaurant that he will most likely complain about because of the high prices and small portions, I figured it was easier if I repeated what I did two years ago and cook at home…on a different night then our anniversary because who wants to eat dinner on a week night at 9:00 p.m.? I personally like to get ready for bed.


So we decided we would celebrate Saturday night. Sounds like a good plan right? It wasn’t. We ended up going house hunting late in the day because our morning had been spent training and helping the owner of the school we train at move equipment and prepare his new building. (Shameless plug for Pooler Karate.😛)

We got home late, we were stressed, but I was determined to make it work. I made it to The Fresh Market between training and house hunting. We don’t mind spending money on quality ingredients to make delicious food, and I wanted to make my husband happy and prepare the things he request. His list was long, and what ended up happening was that we consumed the meals over two night.😂


Night one I made a crab and lobster concoction that I used to stuff mushrooms and later turned into a sauce that I topped the red snapper with. Yum! I made a salad comprised of escarole, blood orange segments, cucumbers (for a little extra crunch), and candies pecans (which I also made), with a a homemade orange dressing. It was delicious. But that night we were tired and frustrated so we went to bed, and I told Joe I would finish the meal Sunday evening.


Sunday was still stressful because we had to go house hunting. We didn’t get home until late-ish again. But I finished the meal. It was definitely less stressful than Saturdays attempt and just as delicious. I used the left over escarole and added a cucumber and tomato and made another homemade balsamic vinaigrette (which I made enough of to use for later). I steamed some asparagus, boiled some angel hair pasta and topped it with seared sea scallops in a lemon, caper, butter sauce. It was sooooo yummy.🤤 I also seasoned ribeyes and cooked them on a cast iron skillet, finishing them off in the oven.

Dessert was something different. I made homemade whipped cream and found some pre-made crepes at The Fresh Market. I got some lemon curd and put a layer on the crepe, rolled it up, topped it with blackberries and raspberries and fresh whipped cream. It too was delicious.


(I didn’t take pictures of everything because some of it didn’t turn out very pretty…but it tasted good!)


I keep telling myself things will get better and smooth out soon, but our date-night-in was a little more stressful than I’d anticipated. Hopefully year sixteen won’t be so stressful.😂

Now, with AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL this said, I highly recommend an at-home-date-night. Why? Because if you’re an introvert like I am, you’ll love being able to enjoy a delicious meal at home. They don’t have to be complicated (like mine were this year), I just thought it would be nice, and I enjoy cooking a lot….when I’m not rushed. Two things would have made this better: 1. Prepping is big (but I really couldn’t given our schedule that week). 2. Having the day to be at home and not rushing around. Those two things would have changed everything. So I’m not saying not to do this, I’m saying don’t do it like I did this year.😂 Maybe like I did last time I did it?🤔

Until next time friends…


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