Our Sunday School class is currently going through the Book of James, and this past Sunday we studied faith through trials.

God didn’t design trials to hurt us. Far from it! He allows trials in our lives to strengthen us. One trial that has been consistent for over 10 years now is having a child with special needs. It has changed over the last few years, but is has been a consistent trial and certainly tested and strengthened my faith.


Having a child with special needs is hard! And it becomes more apparent just how hard it is the older she gets…and the more kids we have had. (Especially having a second therapy kid. No diagnosis. Just some mild delays for him.)

The extra doctors appointments, the therapy, dealing with the school system…it can be really overwhelming. Add in a new medical issue and I can genuinely say, I’m fairly stressed in life right now.

Most people send their kids to local public schools, and if the public schools aren’t good, then they find a good private school. (Here in Georgia, the public system will pay a portion of your private school tuition if you send your child their because you didn’t feel the public school system was meeting your child’s needs.) Private school wasn’t an option for us because of Jac’s intellectual disabilities and slower pace of learning. Even if we moved into a new area with a “better” school system, the public education has failed us over and over and I don’t trust it. We’ve chosen to home school.

That brings its own set of challenges. Our days are less structured from an educational perspective allowing us to kind of do what we want, but we still have the appointments we have to keep weekly.]


And then there’s the extracurricular…we want all of our children to have as normal a life as possible so we put them in activities. Right now, they each get one. And honestly, that’s about all I can handle. The second “typically developing kid” doesn’t understand why the other two get “special treatment “. (That’s how he views therapy and time spent driving them to appointments. And I kind of get it to a point.)

Of course there’s more, and I could always go into the details of the strains on relationships this all causes, but I’ll stop here.

It is what it is, and I try to make the very best of it every day. I love my children dearly and would do anything for them to make their lives better.

ballet recital


As I shared above, this has been a constant trial in our lives just because of all the “extra” it presents. The alternative would be not to have her…I can’t imagine a world that didn’t have a Jac. Her loving and kind nature extends to everyone around her. She is most certainly a caring and giving soul, and the word is better and fuller because of her existence. The God who created the universe said there needed to be a Jac, and we are blessed to be her parents. But not without trials of course.

I have to believe that God has our best interest in mind. (This includes my husband.) While I deal with the day-to-day scheduling and various issues, he’s not around for most of it. His concerns are more long term: will she need to be cared for for the rest of her life? Will she ever be able to live completely independently? Will she always live with us?

Whatever the answers to these questions, I will be okay with it and I know God will provide a way. We don’t know what the future holds, but whatever it holds I know that God will prove to be faithful and provide our needs.

On a side note, while I take as good a care of my babies as possible, I do take time for myself…morning workouts and Jiu Jitsu are “my” time. It’s my outlet and release. If you’re a mom, I hope you take just a few minutes out of your busy caregiving schedule to do some personal development and growth whatever it is.

I can’t tell you the frustrations that are released during this time as well as challenging my brain and body. I’m here to help you if you’re ready!💕

Until next time, friends…


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