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Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun…

Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun…These are the words I use promoting my business and page, but why? Recently we had some pretty major revelations in our family and it’s going to change how I approach my audience. But I think the change is a positive one. When you look at my social media, you’re probably hit in the face right away with sweaty, post-workout selfies or yummy food I like to eat, but recently my sweet daddy was diagnosed with cancer. Few words strike fear in the heart like cancer does. I’ll never forget the call my parents had to make that Friday to tell me the bad news. No matter the outcome, it will forever change us as a family. How we choose to process the information, share it with others,  and how we live our lives has a huge impact. So let’s get to it…


My faith defines me! It’s the word I place first in this list for this very reason. Everything else I do in life revolves around my relationship with Christ. I know Christianity sometimes get’s a bad wrap, and really there are definitely bad people out there who bear the name of Christ, but I can’t let that affect me. The only relationship I can control with Him is MINE! So that’s what I chose to focus on. A couple weeks before we went public with the information that my daddy has cancer, I began finding verses that I found encouraging and sharing them with those who follow my social media accounts. Not many people knew what was going on, but I was finally sharing my faith…the cornerstone of my existence. May God use this trial in our lives to HIS glory!


I hope that my faith comes across in all other aspects of my life…especially my family. My family is very important to me, and is definitely the next most important thing after my faith. I am an only child, and I’m very close to both my parents. My daddy underwent a liver transplant when I was 12 years old. It was certainly life-changing for a young child to see her parents go through such a stressful time…but we clung to our faith.

As an adult, a married woman, and a mother I’ve seen my fair share of trials especially being a military spouse AND having a child with special needs. Life is life. Family is everything, and being close to the ones we love is important. I hope you see my love for my family.


It is no secret: I LOVE FITNESS! That’s why I am pursing my passion and making a living from it. But it’s gotten to the point that I just workout regularly. It’s not a question of whether-or-not I will, just a matter of when…which is usually first thing in the morning (except for this summer where I’ve gotten them in a little later since we don’t have to be up super early and my husband has been gone allowing me to sleep in since there are no early calls). 🙂 My goal for everyone I work with or who joins my team actually adopts this as a lifestyle too. You will never know how fantastic you can feel until you experience it for yourself. Really! What are you waiting for? Need to get started? Start here!    

workout soulmate


Who doesn’t like to have fun? I think I’m a pretty fun girl. Definitely dorky, but I’ve come to the point in my life that I don’t care. I really care so much less than I used to about what people think of me. I have great friends (though my list is short), and I try to be silly and fun for my kids, and enjoy being home and just hanging out with them. We’ve also had the opportunity to go, do, and see some pretty amazing places and things. I also work with some amazing women and I can tell you we talk frequently and our calls and text have us rolling most of the time. #ILoveMyTribe If you’re looking for something you can do from home and really enjoy and invest in for your future and the future of your kids, then we should seriously talk. I’m here to help, share, and encourage everything I’ve learned the last six years.

My Hope…

I hope that you find something on my page you can connect with and enjoy. I also hope to share a little piece of my heart with you, and hope the way I approach this trial and share it with you might encourage you and strengthen your relationship with Christ or better yet if you don’t know Him that you would come to know Him. You won’t see a picture of washboard abs with a Bible verse slapped across it , but I hope you get a healthy does of Faith, Family, Fitness, and Fun!

If you’d like to see the video I did right after we publicly announced my daddy’s diagnosis, check it out. And give my YouTube channel a follow too. 😉

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