May Ellie 2018
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The evolution of my own personal fitness: I can confidently say that my workouts and attitude toward working out has changed significantly since starting almost seven years ago. While pregnant with out second child, I remember thinking how I needed to lose weight. Complete weight loss from my first pregnancy hadn’t happened completely, and it really had made a huge impact on my life physically and emotionally. This time something needed to be different, and I went to my follow up appointment six weeks later hoping to get the “go” from my doctor to begin my weight loss. I was breast feeding at the time, so workouts and eating reasonably was my choice for weight loss. I never starved myself and I never did any fad diets, but my goal was simply to be thin again. Nothing else.


After I lost the baby weight and saw my body change, I started experimenting with different workouts. I realized there were certain workouts I enjoyed more than others and I became interested in the process of weight loss as well as helping others do the same…particularly women with young children who were finding weight loss after child birth difficult. I knew the impact it had on my life, and I really became passionate about sharing that with others.


While I don’t like to think of children as distractions, they can make almost the simplest tasks more difficult. They take our time, energy…and lots of patience. They’re precious, but they sure do “try” us. This was probably one of the most difficult obstacles for me, but I will say that working out and getting stronger helped me do more as a mother: I was less tired so I was able to be more active with the kids, and stronger so I was able to do things like haul laundry through the house, carry the kids places, and carry groceries in without becoming totally winded. I also educated myself about food so my kids haven’t seen me diet, but cook healthy and nutritious meals our whole family enjoys. (This makes everything easier for everyone AND my workouts rarely take up more than 4% of my day.)

Biting my leg while I workout.
My baby workout partner.
workout with baby
Our first workout!


Today as I was working out (58 minutes to be exact), I realized no one had come in to talk to me and ask for anything at all. I had been able to make it through my whole workout in one shot…no breaks for anything. A couple reasons why: 1. The girl was occupied by Barbie. 2. The middle boy was with daddy. 3. The youngest must be growing because he slept in until 10:20 am!! But when I realized I hadn’t been interrupted, it occurred to me how different things are today than they were after the birth of our first almost 10 years ago. The goals and struggles are different. New Mama, it will get easier. I promise! You won’t ever be the same as you were before your baby, but you just might be better. Know that everything you do now, will effect your future and if you want to thank your former self, you’ll start taking care of yourself now.


What things can you do today to improve your life? I see so many people going on extreme diets and sharing and posting misinformation. Educate! If you’re not sure where to start, I’d be honored to help you start.

This is what I used (and still use) to get and stay in shape. While you get support and encouragement that way, the best level of support I can offer you is through my personal training and nutrition coaching services.

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