Doing less sounds counterproductive these days…but hear me out. A year or two ago, I wrote out our weekly schedule to share with everyone. I didn’t share it to show what an organized and getting-stuff-done kind of mama I am. I’m actually far from organized, and the schedule was overwhelming. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for the last two year, and finally feel that I’ve come out on the other side, getting it under control with nutrition. I also took time to reevaluate and try some new things.

Looking back at our hectic schedule makes me want to scream. Ultimately, after a year of homeschooling and moving I knew something needed to change. The kids were restless, they were angry, and they were tired. While two hours each week of therapy for two of the three kids doesn’t sound so bad, driving for close to an hour (with traffic) each way made it a four hour endeavor twice a week. I couldn’t keep it up. I decided to drop to one day a week for therapy. And so far, it seems to be working better for everyone.

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Jac with her physical therapist.


We’ve only been down to once a week for about a month now. So far, it makes our weeks slightly less stressful. The kids still aren’t thrilled we have to load up and go to therapy, but I’ve made sure to keep letting them know they do need it, and I’ve started a reward chart for going in with a good attitude. They’re more likely to work hard and be more focused during sessions, and it seems to help. Only time will tell, and I will reevaluate soon to see if the kids are meeting goals and if I see them progressing. For now, we will keep it. I can’t tell you the weight it has lifted off of me as a busy mom and business owner to save our little family four hours a week. It might not sounds like much, but it really has helped.


As moms, we always feel like we have to do more…But if more stresses you and your kids out, then it’s probably not a good thing. Stress can be good for short periods of time, but when it becomes overwhelming and never ending, then something has to change. I don’t have extra help with the kids, so I have to change if I want a release of the pressure.

It’s good for everyone to look at things and evaluate every-once-in-a-while. I know I don’t do it enough, but can tell you once I do and makes decisions (that are really hard for me to make), I pull off the bandaid and feel better.


In a world where busy-ness seems to be the “norm”, don’t be afraid to look at everything and really take in what’s necessary and what might be interfering with a better relationship with your kids.

I’m not an expert in this, I just knew we needed to slow down a little bit. I was stressed and so were the kids. I’ll reevaluate soon.

For now, this works for our family.

Thanks for reading…

Until next time, friends…


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